Ferrets Who Found Homes in 1998

The following are some of the ferrets who passed through the Cascade Ferret Network and found homes in 1998!

Stella, a chunky dark silver/sable girl, and Camille, a light silver girl are two fantastic ferrets who quickly found a home together.
Watson came up from California as a rescue, and this charming, chatty sable fellow loved people and ferrets. Watson went to a home with Shardik.
Kermit, a young shetland male, and Ruffles, a very young and chunky pale sable female are the perfect pair for first time ferret parents. Kermit is very human oriented, although he loves to play with Ruffles and other gentle ferrets, and Ruffles is very sweet and plays with any other ferret (she's food oriented, so we keep her out to play as much as possible to help get her in shape -- she's rather tubby right now). These two darlings found homes very quickly!
Frost is a young (less than 1 year old) stunning silver male ferret who is sturdy, compact and very playful. This boy loves to play with people and ferrets.
Denali is a sweet little silver male ferret who was found the walls of an empty apartment. The landlord patiently lured this frightened boy out with food placed in a carrier and then took him to the Oregon Humane Society. Denali has an odd tattoo on his right ear that we're still analyzing. Denali is currently very insecure, but gentle with people, plays well with other (active) ferrets and lives now with Shardik.
Ozzy, a big sable boy, and Harriette a fiesty silver girl are a very playful and affectionate young pair (less than a year old each). These two ferrets have blossomed into wonderful ferrets that play (and live) with others, although they are very active and will do best with other young and active ferrets. Harriet can still be a bit rough when playing with people, both she and Ozzy are great ferrets to have around, and will make any home a more joyous place.
Farrah is a darling young silver female who loves other ferrets, but is still a bit rough with humans. Farah is under a year old and cute as any ferret can be.
Rugby, a 2 year old male sable, and Falstaff, an older black-eyed white are two enthusiastic friendly boys who need a good home together. These guys are really good with people, but will take some work to introduce to another set of ferrets.
Othello is a very happy sable boy who had a rough time early in life at the hands of an ignorant breeder. Othello quickly settled in to a life as a pet in a loving home and loves all other ferrets.

Othello came back for a quick visit (while his parent was out of town) and wow this boy is quite a sweet heart! He loves people and he loves to play, play, play!

Wulfgang is a spunky boy with a love of people and ferrets. Wulfy is a year old, but has earmites for which he's being treated. He'll be available in a few weeks.
Destiny a dark sable girl, and Desire' a cinnamon girl dance a gentle duet together, or a wild fling with other ferrets. These girls are good with people and dote on one another, so they must be adopted out as a pair. These kids really are wonderful, and would make great "first ferrets" for any family. Destiny and Desire' went home with Escher.
Escher is a sweet middle aged light sable boy who gets along with other ferrets, providing they aren't rough with him, and he's very gentle with people. Escher is a delight to have around, and this 2 to 3 year old boy will curl up in your arms or lap.

Escher recently visited us for a week along with Destiny and Desire' and they are all looking great!

Mr. BoJangles is a big teddy bear. This big boy loves to cuddle and he loves to play with people, with other ferrets, and with any toy that can be rolled on the floor.

Mr. BoJangles had a waiting list of 5 families who wanted him for their very own - he is one special guy.

Christa and Misty are two very special cinnamon girls that require a special home. Misty and Christa are five or six years old, and spent most of the previous year in a large cage, but with little to no time out. These girls are sweet, mischievous, and playful, but all at subdued levels.

Misty died at the end of October, and now Christa is all alone, although we've tried her with other ferrets. This girl really needs a good loving home. Misty was a darling and is missed by Christa and everyone else who knew here: her ashes will be placed in an urn for all ferrets lost while at the at our network (she was our first).

Natasha is an adorable dark sable kit who is several months old. Natasha needs her full set of shots, and may need to be spayed yet, so she won't be available for some time. This little spitfire loves to play with ferrets and has earned the nickname "Skeeter" for the way she flits about the older and larger ferrets. Skeeter is in a foster home now, and has already been spoken (and paid) for.
Austin is a light silver male with a very gentle and sweet disposition. Austin is quite the lover boy and will give kisses with glee.
Matrix is a handsome silver male with a very thick coat. Matrix adores playtime with people and other ferrets.
Gomez is a friendly sable boy who is very gentle with people and ferrets. He's an active boy who loves to play.

Update: Gomez paid us a visit for a week with his cage mate, Nina. Gomez is as sweet and gentle as ever and loves to be held.

Gobo is a small, young (1-2 years of age), cinnamon male with a big appetite for human interaction.
Belle is a very friendly silver who plays great with both people and ferrets

The following ferrets passed over the Rainbow Bridge while in our care in 1998.

Selkie is a gentle sweet girl of only 10 months who suffered from a long fall or being stepped on before she was handed over to the Cascade Ferret Network. This girl is as sweet as any ferret can be, but she is paralized from her mid section back.

Selkie died from internal injuries after struggling for several weeks. She was very sweet, and we poured our hearts and souls into helping her. We miss her.

Oscar is a gentle old man of 6 years. Oscar has a heart condition which keeps him inactive and will probably limit his lifespan to just a few more months. Oscar is in a loving foster home right now.

Oscar held on for about a month before letting go while in the care of his loving foster parents.

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