Ferrets Who Found Homes in 1999

The following are some of the ferrets who passed through the Cascade Ferret Network and found homes in 1999!

Name: Trinket Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: sable mitt
Name: Tiwanda Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: sable mitt
Placed: December
Trinket and Tiwanda are two young adorable and sweet sable girls who must be adopted out as a pair. They do well with people, although they do playfully nip feet. These girls get along well with other active ferrets, and adore human attention. Trinket has a sock fetish and Tiwanda is a roly poly chunk. These girls have been bounced around from home to home -- would you consinder giving them a place they can call home forever?
Name: Wonka Sex: M Age: 1 to 2 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: December
Wonka is a super sweet and very active boy who likes lots of attention from his human and ferret friends. Wonka and Critter are best buddies and run about the house playing together.
Name: Sunny Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: sable
Placed: December
Sunny is a great little boy who is gentle with humans and playful with ferrets. Sunny is a lot of fun, and will brighten any home. We'll provide more information when his foster parent gives us a status update.
Name: Beren Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable mitt
Placed: November
Beren was relinquished from a home were he just didn't fit in. Even though his current owners had rescued him from a horrible situation, they knew Beren was not happy. He played too roughly with the toddlers in the home and got out of his cage to play less and less. Beren has a cataract and is partially blind, which may have been a factor in his reaction to the children. He has been nothing but a sweetie so far in our adult only home, with a very high-pitched chuckling as he enjoys exploring his environment. Beren is a large boy with a thick coat that makes him appear even larger still. Beren's former owners report that he attacks cats. Beren gets along well with other ferrets.
Name: Spice Sex: F Age: 3.5 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: November
Spice is a petite cinnamon colored girl who is a very gentle, sweet playful girl who loves people and ferrets. Spice is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Hillary Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: dark sable
Placed: November
Hillary is a long, lithe active female who loves to play with other active ferrets and to climb anything and everything that she sees. Hillary has quite an attitude and will sass back at you if you interrupt her while she's busy. Hillary plays well with people too, and would work out great as a first ferret or an addition to a ferret family. Hillary has already been bounced through three homes prior to arriving at the shelter, so please consider making your home her dream home.
Hillary went home with Snitch.
Name: Snitch Sex: F Age: < 1 year Color: silver
Placed: November
Snitch is a completely wild and crazy little girl who bounces off of walls, the floor, you, other ferrets and anything else she runs across. None the less Snitch is still quite gentle with people and she gets along great with any ferret who can tolerate her high octane energy level.
Snitch went home with Hillary.
Name: Zaphod Beeblebrox Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: dark eyed white
Placed: November
Zaphod is a stunning and friendly dark eyed white whose original owner claimed he was "good for nothing but jumping around and rolling on the carpet!" He was serious, and so are we about how delightful little Zaphod has turned out to be. So if you are looking for a boy who's good for nothing but lots of affection, romping, and good times, then Zaphod is for you. Zaphod plays well with other ferrets.
Name: JoJo Sex: M Age: 2.5 years Color: sable blaze
Placed: October
JoJo is a very active and gentle boy who plays great with people, but attacks other ferrets. JoJo was found wandering the streets and was taken in and then brought to the shelter. JoJo plays with complete wild abandon and will make you laugh so hard that you cry. Jojo would be a great first ferret if you only wanted one.
Name: Sugar Sex: F Age: 2 to 3 years Color: dark silver mitt
Name: Molasses Sex: M Age: 2 to 3 years Color: dark sable
Placed: October
This flea ridden pair of ferrets was relinquished because the owner (a child) was supposedly terrified of Sugar. After a bath to rid them of their fleas, they both enjoyed burrowing through all the bedding in their new cage, something they hadn't had the luxury of in their past life. Both of them have lived up to their names and have been nothing but complete sweeties since they arrived. Molasses gyrates, hops, and rolls with joy when playing with humans, Sugar, or other ferrets. Sugar is a little more reserved and so far doesn't enjoy other ferrets as much as Molasses does. Both ferrets are incredibly sweet, but Sugar just isn't comfortable with other ferrets (Molasses is), so they would work out best as only ferrets, or go to a home that's willing to have two sets of ferrets. This pair would work out great with first time ferret owners. Molasses is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Rosencrantz Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable
Name: Guildenstern Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable
Placed: October
This pair of lads was relinquished to the Southwest Washington Humane Society because their owner did not have time to give them the attention they deserve. The owner didn't realize that both of these ferrets are males (they were turned over as a male and female), so the one that was named "Abby" must be having an identity crisis (we aren't sure which one it was). Rosencrantz has a pale mask, a white bib and the biggest "kneepads" we've ever seen. Guildenstern has a beautiful pair of big dark eyes to match his nose. These fellas like other ferrets. They are both from Marshall Farms. These boys went home with Codo.
Name: Codo Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: silver
Placed: October
Codo is a young ferret who had a very good home, but her family had to move to California, and decided not to risk Codo's life with the stupid California law that bans ferrets as pets. Codo is an adorable silver girl who loves to play with people, and appears to do fine with gentle ferrets or goofballs like Morty. Codo is from Marshall Farms. Codo went home with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
Name: Syrah Sex: F Age: ~ 2 years Color: dark silver
Placed: October
Syrah is a lovely female who enjoys the company of people and ferrets. Syrah arrived very underweight and depressed, but a week of eating and playing has put her back into tip top condition. You can't help but to feel happy when Syrah is about.
Name: Cricket Sex: F Age: less than 1 year Color: sable
Placed: October
Cricket arrived covered with fleas and filfth, but after a bath and a lot of flea combing she has turned out to be a stunning young sable girl. Cricket is very affectionate and loves to play and interact with people. Cricket is intimidated by other ferrets, and although she does get along with other gentle ferrets, she doesn't seek them out for companionship -- she's a people ferret. Cricket is now tired of hearing the phrase "You are so cute!"
Name: Aenea Sex: F Age: ~ 2 years Color: dark silver
Reunited with owners: October
Aenea was a stray found a few blocks away from the central shelter facility. This timid girl was reunited with her parents (and playmate) a week after arriving (always check the newspapers if you've lost a ferret).
Name: Morty Sex: M Age: 3 to 4 months (September) Color: silver
Placed: October
Morty is an adorable and sweet boy who loves to play like crazy with other ferrets, and play very gently with people. Morty began living with humans when a person with a drug addiction purchased him from a pet store. Morty then spent the first month of his new life in a box on top of a television enduring his owner's care that alternated between abuse and neglect. Morty was rescued by a concerned neighbor and brought in to find a real home. Morty lives with Monkey Man and Lilith, and plays a lot with other ferrets, like Codo, and anybody else who can handle his highly active state. Morty is from Triple F.
Name: Keats Sex: M Age: 8 months (August) Color: dark silver
Name: Byron Sex: M Age: 8 months (August) Color: sable
Placed: September
Keats and Byron are very happy and enthusiastic youngsters who love to play, play, play (perhaps they should have been named Shakespeare and Marlowe?). These guys are very gentle with people and enjoy romping with other ferrets. Keats and Byron are from Marshall Farms.
Name: Streaker Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: albino
Name: Roscoe Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable
Placed: September
Streaker and Roscoe are two sweet boys who enjoy romping about with one another and especially with people. These boys lived with very young children and are gentle can be. Roscoe isn't fond of other ferrets, but he loves to kiss people. Both of these boys love to play and are really really sweet and would be ideal for first time ferret owners. Streaker and Roscoe are Marshall Farms boys.
Name: Tibet Sex: M Age: 3 - 4 years Color: sable
Name: Nepal Sex: M Age: 3 - 4 years Color: sable
Placed: September
This distinguished pair of sable gentlemen is a delight to play with because they think just about anything you do with them is loads of fun and they are constantly "giggling" as they caper about the room. They seem to be between 3 - 4 years of age and would make a great set of companions for a first time ferret owner or for a family with children. They don't appear to be fond of the company of other ferrets. Nepal needs a bad tooth removed, but otherwise they seem to be in good health.
Name: Matika Sex: F Age: 3 - 4 months (August) Color: butterscotch
Placed: September
Matika's body is a rich creamy butterscotch color with white feet that makes her look like she stepped in whipped cream (yum!). She was relinquished because she was just too wild when playing, resulting in bleeding appendages for her family. Matika is currently in "rehabilitation" to convince her that she needs to more gentle when playing with humans (she just gets too excited when playing with you). She loves other ferrets and is a Triple F ferret.
Name: Buddy Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: silver badger/blaze
Name: Squeekers Sex: M Age: 8 months Color: cinnamon
Placed: September
Buddy and Squeekers are some of the sweetest ferrets you will ever find, but very very active. Both boys play great with other active ferrets, and Buddy is a complete wild man as he dances about and playfully pounces on everybody. Squeekers is a bit more reserved but still very active and his favorite trick is "Trip the human." Buddy is from Marshall Farms. Squeekers is from Triple F.

These boys went to a home with their close friend, Romana.

Name: Romana Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: September
Romana is a darling who is affectionate with humans, although she plays too rough and nips feet, and plays great with other active ferrets. Romana has a high pitched chuckle which is always going. Romana does get a bit stinky when she's excited, which is often.

Romana stopped being stinky and found a home with her two good friends Squeekers and Buddy.

Name: Harmony Sex: F Age: 2 - 3 years Color: dark silver
Placed: September
Harmony was found scavenging in a McDonald's dumpster at the cross section of two busy highways. She was very thin and covered with fleas. Harmony is still being hand fed soup since she has refused to eat any of the food we have offered her (she just started eating a particular brand of ferret food on her own!). This precious little girl is a joy to have around, she adores being held and playing with humans as well as other ferrets. Harmony is a Marshall Farms ferret.
Name: Esmarelda Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: sable
Placed: September
Esmarelda is a stunning and very interactive ferret who doesn't like other ferrets, but adores human attention. She is very sweet and very active and think hand wrestling is the best game ever. Ezi is a study in grace and beauty and is one of our personal favorites. She would do well as a first ferret if you can handle her rough play.

Every now and then a ferret comes in and steals our hearts and when the time comes for them to leave, they take a large part of us with them. So it was with Esmarelda. This is one of the hazards of running a shelter, but we know that Ezi is better off in a home than in a shelter, no matter how good the shelter is, and so we let her go to an exciting new home with doting parents. We'll keep a close on on this girl and visit her from time to time -- we miss her a lot.

Name: Felicity Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: dark eyed white
Placed: September
Felicity is a little spitfire who races through the house like a meteor and lights up a room when she appears. Apparently, socializing with other ferrets is her bag, Baby! Felicity only slows down to solicit human attention, which she revels in. She was given as a gift to someone who decided she was a boring pet (hard to believe!). Right now her coat is scruffy and she is too thin, but we think she will look shagadelic in no time. Felicity is from CDC Pet Breeders in Manitoba, Canada.
Name: Beowulf Sex: M Age: 4 months (August) Color: cinnamon with mitts
Placed: August
Beowulf is a beautiful cinnamon colored boy with white mitts, bib and kneepads. This cute kid had a hard start in life. We were told he was abused by his former owners and was turned over to us after being found wandering through an apartment parking lot. After getting rid of some fleas and getting a good meal inside him he has bounced back to the unquenchable happy animal all ferrets have the potential to be. He loves wrestling with others, but still needs some work on his mouth manners. Beowulf is from Triple F. Beowulf has been adopted into a home where he has a harem of three young females to party with.
Name: Odo Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Placed: August
Odo's name could have been Pogo, since she appears to be on springs the way she jumps straight in the air when playing. Odo is somewhat shy, being an only ferret at here first home, but she seems to warming up to the idea that other ferrets are fun. Odo was adopted quickly and is living with Beowulf and two other bouncy girls as playmates. Odo is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Annabelle Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: chocolate
Name: J.R. Sex: M Age: 4 months (August) Color: panda
Placed: August
These two ferrets have lived with a family that included two young boys and a puppy. The time to properly care for and give attention to the pair became too demanding once a puppy entered the picture. J.R. is at the age where everything is exciting, new, and FUN! Annabelle is a little more sedate, but she loves to kick up her heals by dancing as well. They are both from Marshall Farms and have not lived together long enough to form a real bond of friendship, so they can be placed separately.
Name: Tibby Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Placed: August
Tibby is an adorable girl who really loves people. Tibby is a new arrival and we'll add information about her personality and how well she gets along with other ferrets soon.
Name: Chantrelle Sex: F Age: under 1 year Color: silver badger
Placed: July
Chantrelle arrived with Chantilly and shared with her an early life of neglect and abuse. Once in a supportive environment, Chantrelle quickly bounced back to the typical sweet nature we expect from ferrets, and this young spunky girl found a home with a first time ferret owner!
Name: Yasha Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Placed: July
Yasha has mostly been left in a room all by herself ... mostly. She used to have a male playmate, but her caretaker was careless and he disappeared out an upstairs window and hasn't been seen since. She is insecure at the moment, clinging to you when held and burrowing her head into your clothes. Yasha loves raisins and is glad to be rid of the flea population she arrived with. Yasha is from Marshal Farms.
Name: Jar Jar Sex: M Age: 10 weeks (as of June 5) Color: sable mitt
Placed: July
Jar Jar is an adorable little kit who adores playing with people. Jar Jar played well with a puppy in his previous home. Jar Jar is a very vocal little boy, only he doesn't chuckle he whines; hence he was named after the annoyingly whiney character from The Phantom Mennace, only this Jar Jar really is cute. Jar Jar went home with Elle.
Name: Elle Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable with black nose
Placed: July
Elle is a beautiful girl that takes awhile to come out of her shell. She is gentle with people and other ferrets. She is from CDC pet breeders in Canada. She had to be given up by her loving owner when he was transferred to California where ferrets are illegal to keep as pets. She is good with cats and likes to climb up onto shoulders. Elle went home with Jar Jar.
Name: Spunky Sex: F Age: 6 months (early July) Color: dark sable
Placed: July
Spunky was found wandering through the parking lot of an apartment building and was taken care of by a family of good Samaritans for a month while they searching for her owner. When no one claimed her, her caretakers tearfully turned her over to the Cascade Ferret Network because they were not allowed to keep pets where they lived. This adorable girl looks like a little mink, but has a very sweet and gentle disposition. She loves playing with humans and recently learned that other ferrets are really fun too.
Name: Zeus Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: albino
Placed: July
Zues is a sweet, gentle boy with a lot of lost playtime to make up for since being relinquished by his former owner. Whenever he gets taken out of his cage for playtime he is so grateful he reaches up and nuzzles his caretaker with his wet nose and is learning to give kisses. He gets along well with other ferrets and cats. He is a bit scrawny and scruffy right now, but he is a diamond in the rough looking for a new home. Zues is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Serina Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable blaze
Placed: July
Serina is a tiny very young sable with a bib and blaze who does well with people (and a great litter pan user). She has a slight limp that appears to be going away and she does well with other ferrets.
Name: Ramses Sex: M Age: 1 to 2 years Color: dark sable
Name: Nefret Sex: F Age: 1 to 2 years Color: dark sable
Placed: July
This gentle and friendly pair of ferrets started out on the wrong foot with humans: their previous owners kept them for only four days before deciding they didn't like ferrets. It took almost that long for Ramses and Nefret to find a new permanent home with doting a doting family to pamper them as is befitting ferrets. This pair is from Marshall Farms.
Name: AJ Sex: M Age: 5 years Color: silver mitt
Placed: June
AJ is a sedate older boy who is affectionate and playful. AJ has been around kids most of his life. He has coordination problems with his back legs. AJ was well taken care of at his previous home and is in good shape for a boy of his age. AJ is from Marshal Farms.
Name: Lyra Sex: F Age: 2 - 3 years Color: silver mitt
Placed: June
Lyra is a friendly girl who gets along well with other equally friendly ferrets. She's active and also likes plenty of human interraction. Lyra currently lives and plays with Miranda. Lyra hates to be put up at the end of playtime and makes a whining noise as you put her up -- very cute. Lyra is from CDC Pet Breeders.
Name: Napolean Sex: F Age: < 1 year Color: sable mitt
Placed: June
Napoleon is a sweet gentle girl with adorable markings. In addition to her four white feet, kneepads, and bib, she also has spots on her belly and an oval spot with a cresent shaped stripe underneath it on her neck. She feels most secure when in a tube and prefers to sleep in them if she has a choice.
Name: Zain Sex: M Age: 1 - 2 years Color: albino
Returned to owner: June
After wandering through residential back yards for a few days, Zain took advantage of a door left open due to the warm evening and invited himself in, startling the humans present, who weren't sure what to do with him. Zain spent the night in a pet carrier without water or bedding after the good samaritans were unable to find his owner by questioning their neighbors. Luckily they contacted us the next day and we picked up a very thirsty and dirty ferret that evening. Zain is from Marshall Farms and appears to have been well taken care of (he has a wonderful coat, his nails were not overgrown, and he only picked up a couple fleas during his outdoor adventure).
Zane was reunited with his owner soon after arriving.
Name: Miranda Sex: F Age: 2 - 3 years Color: silver
Placed: June
Miranda is an active girl who likes to play rough with other friendly ferrets. Miranda can be a bit rough with humans, but she really is a sweetie.
Name: Salisbury (aka. Sunshine) Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable
Placed: June
Salisbury is one of the sweetest and most gentle ferrets you will ever find. Salisbury is a chunk at just under 4 pounds and loves to play with people and other ferrets. Salisbury is from CDC Pet Breeders.
Name: Matilda Sex: F Age: 11 months Color: cinnamon white toes
Placed: June
Matilda is a young, friendly (very good with children!), chunky girl who is gentle with other ferrets and with people. Matilda is very playful and needs lots of attention. Matilda is from Marshal Farms. Matilda found a home with Chai.
Name: Chai Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: siamese sable
Placed: June
Chai is a young girl who gets along great with people and ferrets. She's active and very sweet and seeks out human attention to give kisses! She plays a little rough. Chai is from Marshal Farms. Chai found a home with Matilda.
Name: Aurora Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: dark sable
Aurora, a year old dark sable female, is an active female ferret who lives with Bear and Fiona. Like her two cage mates, Aurora loves ferrets, but bites people too hard and too often.
Name: Jafar Sex: M Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Jafar is a gentle and affectionate ferret with a cataract in one eye. Jafar is very people oriented and will play with you all day long, but he is very aggressive towards ferrets so expect him to be an "only child".

Lightening is a three year old silver mitt (with badger stripe) male who lives with Stratos and another boy. Lightening is an active friendly sort of guy who likes to play with other ferrets, and really adores people. Lightening-bug is very cute and wants to be out all of the time.
Kirin, a dark sable female, and Ceylon, a gorgeous silver mitt girl are a delightful pair of ferrets who adore human attention and enjoy the company of other ferrets. Both girls love to play with other ferrets, but Ceylon has been known to pick fights with others. Ceylon is very people oriented and will follow you about the house asking for attention. For the most part these girls play with Lightening and his gang during their daily "out" times.
Mustaffa is big, happy, gentle and affectionate cinnamon boy who really loves people (we'll check him out with other ferrets soon). This chunky boy still needs to complete his vaccinations, but once he's ready to be adopted, it won't take long for him to find a family (it didn't).

Boris is an elderly pale sable boy who loves to cuddle. Dottie is a sweet older silver female who is still active. Niffy is an affectionate middle aged dark sable boy (brother to Moose and Squirrel). This is a great trio of mature ferrets who would work out well as only ferrets in any home. Niffy can be adopted out on his own, but Boris and Dottie must go together.
Isabella is an affectionate and active five year old sable female. Isabella is a new arrival and does well with other gentle ferrets. Isabella is very sweet and gentle ferret who would do well in any experienced ferret home.

Butterfly is a young pale sable girl who loves to fly with playmates. Butterfly is a very social girl who is ready for a home now. Butterfly is a queen among ferrets, and she was adopted with Stratos, a handsome dark eyed white boy who likes to play with people and other ferrets. Stratos was recovering from an illness and will join Butterfly in their new home soon.
Shardik is a large pale sable male who likes other ferrets and is learning that people are good for play and cuddling too. This ferret was used as breeder and was abused by his owner. He has been neutered, and is still timid around people (he will cower if you move your hands near him). Shardik does well with other very active and tolerant ferrets, but he becomes frightened very easily and will try to bite people.
King is a big pale sable boy with a passion for kissing and playing with either people or ferrets. This boy is a dream and will go quickly, so come over and see what a great ferret he is now!
Moose and Squirrel are two middle aged handsome and gentle silver boys with a lot of spunk. Moose has a stub tail (and is oh so cute) and Squirrel has a completely black nose and a tendency to grab onto your arms or legs with his paws and lick for all he's worth, and then nip. These two boys do not like other ferrets and must go together. The sable is Buckaroo, who has already found a home.
Solomon is a very young bundle of complete energy who must be the center of all attention. He gets along well with ferrets and is very affectionate. He's quite a handful, but a complete joy to have around.
Rose is a darling parti-mix female who is very tiny but very full of love. Rose likes other ferrets as long as they are as gentle with her as she is with them (she lives with Lilith and plays with Watson and a few others) and she adores people Rose will give you more spunk per ounce than anyone else I know.

Rose has become one of the most active and playful ferrets we've ever seen. She bounces actively with even the most energetic kits and comes back for more. She is still very tiny.

Buckaroo is a deep dark black young boy who is both sweet and playful. He quickly found a home where he now lives with other ferrets.

Bela and Omar are two kits (males) who never seem to run out of energy.

Leia, a mousey sable female, and Skywalker, a chunky cinnamon, are a hyper pair of kits who love to play all day long.

These four ferrets found a special home: they are helping to educate the public about ferrets as pets at the Oregon Zoo.

Skywalker is on the new packaging for Crown Bedding and Good Mews!

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This page is dedicated to Zule, a delightful and adorable girl who passed through our shelter and found a home before crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. She is dearly missed.

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