Ferrets Who Found Homes in 2000

The following are the ferrets who passed through the Cascade Ferret Network and found homes in 2000!

Name: Karle Sex: M Age: 6 months Color: sable mitt
Name: Béarnaise Sex: F Age: 6 months Color: sable
Placed: December
These kids were obtained at the beginning of the summer by a teenager who was forced to give them up when he found he would not be allowed to have them at college with him. Béarnaise is a beautiful very dark sable, Karle has white paws, patches of white on his "knees" and an interesting pattern of white spots on his forehead. These guys are a happy hyperactive pair who only stop playing to covertly chew on a cheweasel they have discovered. They have lived with cats and are from Ruby Fur Farm.
Name: Caramel Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Name: Snowflake Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: dark eyed white
Placed: December
Snowflake is a rotund but beautiful dark-eyed white (except for some black spots on her tail). Her former owners didn't realize that she is a female, not a male as the pet store had told them, and that she is deaf. Carmel is as sweet as her name and enjoys walks. They are both very gentle and playful with humans and other animals. A great pair of ferrets for first time ferret owners. Carmel is from Marshall Farms and Snowflake has an ear tattoo that we haven't seen before.
Name: Taz Sex: M Age: 5 years Color: sable
Placed: December
Taz is gentle boy who was found wandering in a parking lot at a local amusement park. Taz seems to take everything in stride and really enjoys the company of people. This boy had a home for a year, but through no fault of his own he's looking for another home. He really is super sweet, so perhaps you could give him a chance in your home.
Name: Stan Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: silver
Name: Ollie Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: silver
Placed: December
These boys have blossomed in a big way since their arrival. Their former owners admitted they were neglected because of lack of time and hadn't been out of their cage more than a handful of times in the last year. Ollie was extremely scrawny and according to his owners, always had been. Maybe the food he was being fed (low quality cat food) didn't agree with him, since he has put on more than a pound since his arrival and has a gorgeous coat. Stan has bulked up as well and is no slouch in the looks department either. The boys poured on the charm and were adopted by someone that was originally set on a pair of girls.
Name: Bogart Sex: M Age: 4+ years Color: albino
Name: Bacall Sex: F Age: 2+ years Color: sable
Placed (Bacall): November
Bogart and Bacall have lived through more than there fair share of neglect. Bacall appears to have weathered her past well physically, and is healthy girl. Bogart survived his past with a very sweet and happy disposition (this boy loves people and is very gentle), but had several health issues ranging from adrenal disease to a swollen rear leg. Bogart is one of the most amazing, gentle, and just plain fun ferrets that we have ever seen. We can't emphasize this enough: Bogart is just brimming with a wonderful personality, and he's willing to share his enthusiasm towards life with anybody. This guy is a great kid! Bogart is also completely bald now, which is probably caused by underlying health issues. Bacall is a calm girl her loves Bogart dearly, and is pretty darn good with people, although she will nip at feet every now and then.

These two wonderful kids found a home where they lived for nearly a year, but were recently returned because their owners moved. Bogart is still just thrilled with life, and we can promise that his antics will put a big smile on your face. Bacall has calmed down a lot, and is now a sweet girl, although you still need to watch your feet!

Bogart died near the end of October while undergoing adrenal surgery, which was a major loss for us -- this boy brightened all of our lives, and every last person at the shelter misses his happy presence. His life mate, Bacall, is now living in a long term foster home, where she is learning to get along with other ferrets (we hope).

Name: Bearcat Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: sable mitt
Name: Princess Sex: F Age: 8 months Color: silver mitt
Name: Shadow Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: cinnamon
Placed: November
This trio came from the same home as Chomper and Missy. We would like to place all three in the same home, but if we think they would be happy in a new home with other playmates we would consider placing them separately. All are good with children, dogs, other ferrets, and using the litter pan. They love people and like going on outdoor excursions. Bearcat, Pricess and Shadow are all from Marshall Farms.
Name: Apollo Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: butterscotch
Name: Starbuck Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: silver
Placed: November
Apollo and Starbuck are two active and friendly boys who still need a little work on sock nipping. These chunky guys are playful with one another and people and a joy to watch. These kids love to play with humans, and are a lot of fun to be around. Starbuck and Apollo were originally adopted out in 1999, but there parents were no longer able to care for them (through no fault of these boys) and so they're looking for a new home.
Name: Minnow Sex: F Age: 6 months Color: dark sable
Placed: November
Minnow is small and quick like her namesake. She was part of a large litter from a pregnant ferret rescued by one of our foster homes. She is the only female of the litter that hadn't found a home yet and since she came into heat early, she was turned over to CFN to be spayed. Minnow was recently spayed, but was not descented (we think it is an unnecessary procedure). She enjoys her playtime with other ferrets and humans and plays very politely most of the time. Minnow is quite the spit fire and will spice up any ferret family!
Name: Tikka-Botee Sex: M Age: 2 to 3 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: November
This modest little boy has been passed around to several different people, leaving his past a mystery. Lucky for him he ended up with a sensitive women (the mother of his most recent caretaker) who thought he deserved a better life than she could give him. She eliminated the flea population he arrived with and was doing her best, but decided she didn't have the time to take on this unplanned addition to her life. Tikka-Botee is small for a male and gets along well with other friendly ferrets, but doesn't seem to have really come out of his shell yet. He is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Willie Winkie Sex: M Age: 3 months Color: cinnamon
Placed: November
All ferrets are adorable at this age and Willie is no exception: he has a chubby little body with a shorter than normal tail. Willie has had the best of care since he left the pet store, but his owner's schedule prevented him from giving Willie the attention he needed, so he was turned over to us to find him a better situation. He loves everybody and shouldn't take long to get adopted. He is from Marshall Farms.

Willie went home with Woody.

Name: Woody Sex: M Age: 6 months Color: cinnamon mitt
Placed: November
Woody is a fuzzy, chubby, 6 month old stray. He arrived with a healthy population of fleas and ear mites. Woody has a badly broken upper canine that may need to be removed, but otherwise he is a normal, loveable, happy boy. Woody is from Marshall Farms.

Woody went home with Willie.

Name: Topaz Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable mitt
Placed: November
Topaz was a skinny, flea infested stray that luckily ran into an auto body garage where she was caught and turned over to a veterinary clinic across the street. She escaped from the holding cage at the vet clinic before we arrived and was found curled up with a cat in another enclosure. Topaz has put on a lot of weight since her arrival and has enjoyed rough housing with Willie.
Name: Rocky Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable
Placed: November
Rocky is the innocent victim of a family move. He is a well-mannered boy who gets along well with cats, kids, and other ferrets.
Name: Snape Sex: M Age: 1 to 2 years Color: sable
Name: Draco Sex: M Age: 1 to 2 years Color: albino
Placed: October
We don't have any information on this pair of sweeties except that they have been through more than one home in their relatively short lives. Other than a healthy population of ear mites, Snape and Draco are a great pair of kids ready to share a permanent loving home. They are both from Marshall Farms.
Name: Cashew Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: October
Cashew is a very well adjusted ferret with a pale cinnamon color and white toes on his front feet. He was found wondering in an apartment complex. He was extremely thin and unable to use his hindquarters normally. A vet exam showed his hind end weakness is not from being thin, but is probably from a past spinal injury of some sort. Physical therapy was recommended, which Cashew is happy to comply with. Cashew is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Tinkerbell Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: badger
Placed: September
It is hard to believe this adorable girl was in quarantine for supposedly mauling a police officer. Tinkerbell has the sweetest face and looks you right in the eyes. She has been an absolute darling since arriving with no inappropriate behavior so far. Tink is a bit intimidated with rowdy ferrets, preferring the company of more mature and sophisticated individuals. She is a Marshall Farms ferret.
Name: Gilligan Sex: M Age: 4 months Color: sable mitt
Placed: September
This "little buddy" is full of himself and wants to share it with everyone he meets. He is a burly boy that still hasn't finished growing. He was turned in to a vet clinic by a local pest control business, so he must have been a stray. Gilligan is an intact male and proud of it (he doesn't know this will change when he is fully grown).
Name: Slinky Sex: M Age: 4 to 5 years Color: sable
Placed: September
This sweetheart is a gentle soul that has the saddest look on his face (one of our pets has the same look and we wonder if they could be related). Slinky's former owners tearfully relinquished him so that he could get more attention. They did not realize that he has a heart condition that will shorten his life. His heart is skipping beats which makes it difficult for him to be very active without tiring quickly. He likes being held and cuddling with other ferrets. Hopefully, with the proper heart medication, he will feel better and have a bit more energy to interact with human and ferret playmates. Slinky was descented by his former owners.
Name: Larson Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: badger
Placed: September
Larson was adopted before he even got on the web page. He was a cute little male with a badger stripe on his forehead and a tail that looked abnormally stubby. He enjoyed playing with other ferrets and was adopted into a multiple ferret family.
Name: Critter Sex: M Age: 2 to 3 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: September
Critter is a wonderful, gentle and playful boy who loves people and other ferrets. Critter may have an irregular heart beat, which could indicate a heart condition. This gentle boy would make an ideal first ferret, but he does need to go with another ferret friend. This boy is very gentle and very playfull! Critter is from Marshall Farms.
Critter's best friend is Fern.
Name: Fern Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: sable
Placed: September
Fern is a graceful and gentle doe-eyed sable female from Marshall Farms. She has a very sweet disposition and loves to play with people and other ferrets. Fern has heart problems, but is active and appears healthy. Fern is a doll and a joy to be around. Fern needs to go to a home with another ferret.
Fern's best friend is Critter.
Name: Pepper Sex: M Age: 3.5 years Color: silver mitt
Placed: September
Pepper is a stunning dark ferret with white feet and a very black nose who apparently Pepper not taught how to politely play with people, so he needs some work. Pepper now lives with seven other ferrets, and really enjoys their companionship. Pepper appears to dislike men, but really likes women, whom he lavishes with kisses.
Name: Kashmir Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: silver
Placed: September
Kashmir is an energetic silver female who arrived with her soul-mate, Marakesh. Kashmir is descented and plays like a crazed weasel.

Marakesh died at the emergency clinic early in the morning of January 30. Marakesh obviously had a difficult time through most of her life, and much of this was probably due to an underlying health problem. None the less, Marakesh had a very good life for the past two years under the loving care of her foster parents.

Kashmir now gets out to play with other ferrets and has a great time dancing about the house with them. She quickly bonded with little Chantilly, who has a similar personality to Marakesh, but likes other ferrets. The two now live together.

Name: Gizmo Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: cinnamon
Placed: September
Gizmo is a very active and hyper boy who just arrived from Medford, OR and is in need of neutering to help him calm down some (he's in season). Gizmo arrived covered with fleas and very thin, but after a bath and some serious flea combing, Gizmo is beginning to put weight on.
Name: Begnini Sex: M Age: 4 months Color: sable mitt
Placed: August
Named after the exuberant foreign film director, Begnini exhibits a great enthusiasm for life. Being a youngster, he believes the world revolves around him and his needs. Begnini isn't shy about letting us know when his needs are not being met to his satisfaction: he whines, whimpers and cries like a spoiled child. Begnini is the first ferret CFN has taken in through Multnomah County Animal Control. He has not been neutered, but will be when he is fully grown at about 6 months of age.
Name: Jessie Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: dark sable
Placed: August
Jessie is a strikingly dark sable. She has been owned by a series of individuals who appear to have given her good care, such as high quality food and vet care, but Jessie needs a stable, committed owner to bond with to be happy. Jessie is very playful and gentle with other ferrets and people. She is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Elmer Sex: M Age: 6 months Color: silver mitt
Placed: August
Elmer is a big, sweet, gentle happy boy who recently arrived from California. Elmer is one of those ferrets who everybody wants once they've met him, and so he already has one potential owner lined up.

Elmer went home with the person who brought him up from California, and will live with his friend, Harley, a cute little silver girl.

Name: Bonsi Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: cinnamon
Placed: August
Bonsi is a casualty of the all too common malady of "moving". He was found by his former owners and was well taken care of, but the landlord would not allow him to live in the new residence. Bonzi is apparently named after a basketball player (as Dr.Evil would say: "I don't know sports"), so we are taking their word for it. He definitely jumps, climbs, and plays like a professional! He is gentle with children, but is a bit domineering with other ferrets. Bonzi is a beautiful reddish golden honey color and is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Deneb Sex: F Age: 7 years Color: albino
Reunited with owner: August
Deneb was found as a stray east of Portland, and cared for by her rescuers for a few weeks before she came to the shelter. Deneb is a gentle, elder girl who loves to cavort with people and other gentle ferrets.

Deneb's story has a very happy ending: she was reunited with her parent, and has gone back home to be properly spoiled.

Name: Saffron Sex: F Age: 2 to 3 years Color: sable
Name: Cinder Sex: F Age: 2 to 3 years Color: sable
Placed: August
This pair of sprites have a common story, they were the pets of a youngster that did not give them the attention they require. Their lack of attention has not broken their spirits and they are a very lively and vivacious pair! The pair aren't too hard to tell apart since Saffron has a very yellowish under coat (along with a few white toe tips on her front feet and a white spot on her neck) whereas Cinder has a very white undercoat. Saffron and Cinder have gotten along well with cats and dogs in their former home and they are both from Marshall Farms. Both girls play like a tornado (especially Cinder, who has "alpha ferret" written all over her) and love to romp with other ferrets.
Name: Saki Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: silver
Placed: July
This little bundle of energy can hardly sit still! She loves playing with people and other ferrets. Saki is a petite sweetie that deserves to be the center of attention for a change, since she wasn't the "favorite" of her former owner, primarily because of her less than exemplary litterbox values. Saki appears to be from Marshall Farms.
Name: Dreidel Sex: M Age: 3 months Color: sable
Placed: July
Dreidel was dropped off at a local pet store (from which he had probably been purchased a short while before) in a carboard box with food, but no water. The CFN was called and arrived an hour later to find a very dehydrated sad little boy curled up in one corner of the tiny box. Dreidel eagerly lapped up water from our hands and gave eager kisses in return. With extra fluids Dreidel bounced back in a big way, and is now a healthy happy lad who is growing by leaps and bounds. Dreidel is very gentle (even as a mouthy kit!) and is very good at finding the litter pan. Dreidel absolutely adores people (he's a kisser) and other ferrets. Dreidel still needs to be neutered.
Name: George Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: July
This sweetheart was recued from a live of neglect by his former owner, unfortunately his owner lived in California, land of stupidity. George was confiscated and his owners choose to send him to the CFN for placement because they were very concerned that he get special treatment considering his unpleasant past. George found a home with friends of his former owner that live in Oregon. Hopefully, George will one day, in the not too distant future, be able to visit California legally.
Name: Denali Sex: M Age: 2.5 years Color: silver
Placed: July
Denali originally came to the CFN in January of 1999 after being found in the walls of an empty apartment. He was adopted by a family with another ferret, but had a very dramatic change in behavior recently that prevented the family from keeping. We can not explain his behavior change, but will have him checked out medically just to make sure. He has been a perfect sweetheart since arriving, very gentle with people and other ferrets. Denali has a gorgeous white coat with a few black patches and huge black eyes. He is from a Canadian breeder.
Name: Inca Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: silver
Placed: July
Inca has been living out in a barn on a farm for the last 8 months. She was found wondering the parking lot of a shopping center and was taken home by a family of good Samaritans who were unfortunately lacking in ferret knowledge. They recently found out that ferrets need a lot of attention and even though they got the girl out once in awhile to play in the bathroom, she had recently started biting anyone that tried to handle her. They decided she really needed to go some place where she could get the attention she needed. I was told I should bring gloves when I came to get her, which I've never had to use before, but she attacked as soon as I opened the cage and bit very hard repeatedly. For the first several days we weren't able to get much of a response from her in our attempts to engage her in play, although she hasn't tried to bite since we got her here. She loves Nutri-stat, which has really helped win her over. Inca is now a little chitterbox, constantly jumping from very high pitched chittering to soft low chittering. Inca recently met other ferrets for the first time and was very ecstatic.
Name: Chantilly Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable
Placed: July
Chantilly arrived with her sister, Chantrelle, and she is recovering from am early life of neglect and abuse. Each of the girls had several hundred fleas on them when they arrived (no, this is not an exageration) and we found out they had gone nearly two weeks without food at one point. Their cage was a barren wire prison with only filthy cedar chips beneath four inches of feces to serve as bedding. We thought little Chantilly would die from flea bite anemia, but both of the girls pulled through. Chantrelle quickly bounced back to a normal happy ferret state, and found a home at the end of July with a first time ferret owner. Chantilly is improving steadily, but slowly, and she still attacks Elayne, although she is doing very well with Leonard and actually plays with him and sits up to beg for treats.
Name: Bear Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: butterscotch
Placed: July
Bear is a young and very energetic boy who plays well with other active ferrets. Bear (aka. "Dances with Feet") needs a lot more work on his social skills with people, and while he's really improved tremendously over the past few months, he still forgets what he's doing and bites hard enough to make people bleed. Bear seems to behave much better around men than women, although he'll still bite people of either sex. Bear loves all ferrets and as long as they can handle his crazy antics they do well with him. Bear needs to go to a very ferret experienced and understanding home. Bear must go to a home with other ferrets. Bear is from Triple F.

January update from Bear's foster parents:

Bear is a great ferret. He needs a permanent safe home with people and ferrets. He must be handled and loved frequently. He prefers about 4 hours of playtime. Loves toys and anything amuses him. Especially socks - with or without feet still in them. He is a kooky, nutty fert with an immense amount of love just waiting for the right person. He is not for someone who wants an instant loving pet. Bear generally is pretty good with our children, but he will let them know when he has had enough of them. He takes time to get to know you. When he does though... he will unleash he loving on you. Bear is a butterscotch colored diamond in the rough. He has a tough exterior with a heart of pure ferretone.
Name: Bruin Sex: M Age:~ 2 years Color: dark sable
Placed: June
Bruin was left behind by his former owners after they were evicted. He was underweight and scrawny when he arrived, but is turning into a big dark teddy bear of a ferret. He does have several physical quirks though. For one, his tail is very short and blunt, another abnormal feature is his squinty-looking right eye (we thought it was injured, but medication hasn't changed its appearance), and finally, he arrived as an intact male, but only had a single, but VERY large, testicle. The vet removed his visible manhood as well as its smaller partner which was apparently very hard to find (the vet had to make extra incisions to finally remove it). Bruin is recovering from his surgery and will remain highly odoriferous for a while still, but he is a sweetheart that we are sure has never been treated as a member of the family. We don't know how well he gets along with other ferrets yet. Bruin retains his anal glands.
Name: Magpie Sex: F Age: < 1 year Color: sable
Placed: June
Magpie is a joyful, gentle sprite with a soft sable coat and a sweet disposition. She adores people and loves hand wrestling and tube tag. Maggi dances with delight when people appear on the scene, and she is just now starting to play with other ferrets. Magpie is from Marshall Farms. Magpie is a practically perfect ferret. Magpie holds the record (at over 15) for most number of people who've asked for a particular ferret. Magpie went home with Bonsai.
Name: Bonsai Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: badger
Placed: June
This boy is a sweetheart! He loves people and lavishes kisses on any bare skin he can get to. He also appears to have been well trained to use the litterpan before getting let out of his cage for playtime. We are still assessing whether or not he is deaf, since he exhibits some of the behavioral traits we have observed in other deaf ferrets. He plays well with other ferrets, but seems more interested in playing with people. He has been descented.
Name: Weezill Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: sable
Placed: June
Weezill is a mellow girl who has been passed around to various friends and relatives of her original owner, who travels too much to care for her herself. Even though she had a bath just before arriving (she was still wet) Weezill still had a healthy population of fleas so it was back to the bathtub for the poor girl. It took at least 15 minutes to rid her of the fleas that were trying to escape by crawling into her mouth and ears. Weezill is reported to play well with cats and is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Noah Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: dark eyed white
Placed: May
Noah arrived a very thin and somewhat depressed and bedraggled stray. In the few weeks he has been here he has transformed into a stunning dark-eyed white male. Vanilla ice cream pales in comparison to his snowy coat. Soon after Noah's arrival we realized that he is completely deaf, but that doesn't stop him from being a rambunctious human playmate, chasing us from room to room with wild abandon. Noah was in a home until recently, when he returned to us. Noah hates other ferrets.
Name: Tonto Sex: M Age: 2 to 3 years Color: sable
Name: Kemosabbe Sex: M Age: 2 to 3 years Color: sable
Placed: May
These two sweet and cuddly boys were rescued from an abusive home, but their troubled past hasn't affected their darling personalities. Both boys are large, but Tonto is a little smaller than Kemosabbe, who's built like an ox. The boys don't sport any tattoos, and appear to be late neuters from a local breeder, which explains their size.
Name: Wulfgang Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable/butterscotch
Name: Matrix Sex: M Age: 6 years Color: silver
Placed: June
Wulfgang is a spunky boy with a love of people and ferrets, and is so gentle he gets along great with children. Wulfy came from a loving and caring family, where he lived very happily with his buddies Bear and Matrix. You really need to meet Wulfy to appreciate what a great ferret he is, and what a perfect addition he would make to your family. Wulfgang is from Marshall Farms.

Matrix is a distinguished elder gentleman who gives kisses and loves to cuddle. Matrix is ultra sweet and unbelievably gentle, and gets along well with other ferrets, and simply loves people. Matrix came from the same loving home as Wulfgang, and is very good with children.

Wulfy and Matrix must find a home together.

Name: Duke Sex: M Age: < 1 year Color: cinnamon
Name: Daisy Sex: F Age: < 1 year Color: sable
Placed: May
The owner of this pair of youngsters got a promotion to a new job which left him very little time for his pets. He knew this energetic pair would suffer if left alone in their cage, so he decided they should find a new home. Daisy is sweet and petite, but doesn't let the bully boys push her around. She is from Marshall Farms. Duke is a chunky monkey boy that plays with wild abandon (if he were human he would be an extreme sports kind of dude).
Name: Willow Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Placed: May
Willow is a delicate and sensitive soul that is lucky to be alive, but the person that adopts her will be even luckier. Willow is recovering from injuries she sustained while on an outdoor adventure. Even while in obvious pain she gave kisses freely and now that she is feeling better we are overjoyed to see her happy and wanting to play again. Willow is from Marshall Farms. Willow was reunited with her original owners, who have received a great deal of information on ferret care.
Name: Tweak Sex: M Age: 3 months Color: albino
Placed: May
This scrawny little guy was given up by his owners because they were concerned about his rough play behavior. Tweak is a typical kit, exploring his environment with all his senses, including his mouth, which is why we discourage kits for first time ferret owners and families with young children. He will be a loverboy once he grows out of his wild baby ways. Tweak is named after a kid on South Park who drinks a little too much coffee. He is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Flash Sex: M Age: 6 months Color: cinnamon
Placed: May
Flash still has his baby fat and woolly kit coat. He has a handsome white bib and a few white toe tips on his front feet. He got his name because of the crooked white stripe down his nose which looks like a flash of lightning and because he races around playing as quick as lightning. He is a sweet bundle of boy ready for fun. Flash is a Marshall Farms ferret.
Name: Akbar Sex: M Age: 2 to 3 years Color: badger
Name: Jeff Sex: M Age: 2 to 3 years Color: badger
Placed: May
Ackbar and Jeff had good parents who rescued them from their neighbors (who were going to "let them go free"), but their new kinder (and wiser) parents did't have the time for a pair of active boys, and so now they're looking for a new home. Both of these boys are from Marshall Farms, and they are probably brothers.
Name: Slick Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: April
Slick is a sweetheart of a boy. He learned to play well with cats in his former home, where he got lots of attention and playtime. He squawked and ran the first time he saw one of his own kind, but Jewel and Gem politely insisted that he join them in their play sessions. Slick has come to appreciate how much fun another ferret can be as a playmate. Slick is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Jewel Sex: F Age: 2 to 3 years Color: sable
Name: Gem Sex: F Age: 2 to 3 years Color: butterscotch silver mitt
Placed: April
These girls are a treasure! They came to the CFN because of a change in pet policies where their owner lived. Jewel is exuberant in her play and vocalizing. Gem is a bit more sedate, but a lot more cuddly. They are both extremely gentle (they have been around an infant) and would be a great pair for first time ferret owners. They weren't trained to use the litter pan by their former owner, but they have quickly learned to use the litter pan in their cage after some creative enclosure modifications. They enjoy the company of other ferrets. Jewel and Gem are both from Marshall Farms.
Name: Fizgig Sex: F Age: 1 to 2 years Color: badger
Placed: March
Wow! In a word, that sums up Fizgig's attitude on life. This very active little girl dances about, taking delight in everything and everyone she encounters. Fizgig always presents an open mouth to people during playtime (which is all the time as far as she's concerned), but she is very gentle with both humans and ferrets, although her high energy play can irritate timid or sedate ferrets. Fizgig is a very vocal ferret, and is usually chuckling as she walks about or shrieking as she plays with other ferrets. Fizgig's favorite toys are small balls with which she chases about for hours. We can't believe her previous owners moved out and left her behind! Fizgig is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Deli Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: cinnamon
Name: Niki Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: albino
Placed: March
Deli and Niki are two sweet and gentle girls who delight in both human and ferret companionship. Each of these ferrets recently underwent adrenal surgery from which they are recovering quickly. Niki was supposed to be a biter, but she has been very sweet to us and other ferrets, and is the more likely of the two to lavish kisses upon us. Deli and Niki are loads of fun and would be perfect for people who want a sedate by fun pair of ferrets!
Name: Taz Sex: M Age: 1.75 years Color: cinnamon
Name: Taffy Sex: F Age: 1.75 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: March
Taz and Taffy or a beautiful pair of gentle ferrets who had a terrific loving home that was broken apart by the insane California Fish and Game law that makes ferrets illegal down south. These kids play well with people, other ferrets and dogs and would do well in any home. Taz is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Zucchini Sex: M Age: 1 year or less Color: silver
Placed: March
Zucchini is a big hearted happy go lucky softie who adores playtime with humans, and romps about with other active ferrets, like Fizgig. Zucchini show signs of being deaf. Fizgig is from Tripple F.
Name: Bandicoot Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: March
Bandicoot's true personality is just emerging after her initial shyness and she is truly a sweetheart that would love to be your Valentine and shower you with kisses. She still isn't sure about other ferrets but we are introducing her to our most gentle pets and hope she will realize how much fun it is to play with other weasels. She is originally from the Spokane area and was spayed and descented by her first owner. Her next owner felt guilty that she was not able to give Bandicoot enough playtime so decided to give her the opportunity to find a new home where she could be the center of attention.

Bandicoot's best friend is Grover, and they both found a home together.

Name: Grover Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable
Placed: March
Grover is a small boy with a big heart. He is sweet with humans and other ferrets or at least he was before signs of adrenal disease became evident. Grover underwent adrenal surgery on August 12 and has returned to his former happy-go-lucky self. Grover loves to interact with humans and simply adores other ferrets. Grover currently lives and plays with eight other ferrets, and must go to a home with other ferrets. Grover is from Marshall Farms.

Grover loves all other ferrets, but his best buddy is Bandicoot, with whom he went home.

Name: Kachina Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: panda
Placed: March
This girl is a definite a 10 on the cuteness scale, even though she was found with mysterious splotches of green and pink dye on various parts of her anatomy making her look like a punk ferret. We challenge anyone not to start spewing baby-talk and cooing over how incredibly adorable and unbelievably sweet she is within minutes of meeting her. It can only be taken in small doses without risking addiction. Kachina exhibits several behavioral and physical traits that indicate she is probably deaf. Kachina loves playing with other ferrets. She is from Triple F.
Name: Boris Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: siamese sable
Name: Natasha Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: siamese sable
Placed: February
Boris and Natasha are a stunning pair of siamese sables that love to party with humans and other ferrets. They were well cared for and came to the CFN because of an unfortunate series of circumstances that prevented their owner from keeping them despite his best efforts. This pair are both from Triple F.
Name: Peaches Sex: F Age: ~ 3 years Color: dark eyed white
Name: Snowy Sex: F Age: ~ 3 years Color: dark eyed white
Placed: February
Peaches and Snowy are almost like bookends, and you'll have a tough time telling them apart until you get to know them. Peaches is very out-going and adventurous, while Snowy is quiet and reserved. These girls are very gentle and playful, adore human attention and get along with other ferrets (although Peaches can be more than a bit trying).
Name: Mr. Agis Sex: M Age: 3+ years Color: cinnamon
Placed: February
This poor bald boy was slated for death at an animal control facility in CA until he was rescued by a good Samaritan who also paid for the adrenal surgery he needed. Since recovering from his surgery Mr. Agis now acts like a normal ferret, playing and exploring. His guardian angel continued to care for him until transportation could be arranged to bring him north to the CFN. Mr. Agis now has a new coat coming in beautifully (except for his tail), and his short fuzzy fur almost reminds us of a chia-pet.

What a sweet boy! A volunteer at CFN fell in love with Mr. Agis at first sight, and decided to take him home if he got along with her other two ferrets. Mr. Agis was so happy to meet his new ferret friends that he kicked up his heels and danced about with joy for over an hour. Needless to say he now has a great home.

Name: Lucky Sex: F Age: under 1 year Color: sable
Placed: January
Lucky was found wandering the streets of Astoria in season, but unfortunately her rescuers didn't know enough about ferrets to even know what sex she was (they thought she was a male) or that she was emaciated and needed a lot of special care. Lucky's luck changed when our Astoria Outpost took her in. Blood tests revealed that Lucky wasn't in extreme danger, and so she was given a lot of TLC to get her weight up for surgery. Lucky is quickly recovering from her spay. What a doll -- look out boys, she'll break your hearts!
Lucky went home with a first time ferret owner.
Name: Shiney Mofritz Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: sable
Name: Jack Burton Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: silver-mitt with blaze
Placed: January
Fritz and Burton are two totally sweet ferrets. These boys were millitary brats and have come all the way from Kansas. Both of these boys are from Marshall Farms and would make good first time ferrets. Fritz is recovering beautifully from adrenal surgery and both boys are active and happy (Burton is a bit chubby right now, and weighs over 5 pounds).

The following information is from the boys' foster mom:

So far they have been really friendly and very active. They were out for quite a while this afternoon and I had to actually put them back in the cage to get them to stop, rest and eat. Neither one of them has bitten at all thus far (even while playing) and they both seem to get along well with our dog and with my ferrets, who they met this afternoon, also. Burton is a kisser if you catch him in the right mood, evidentally. He gave me a few kisses when I was playing with them. Fritz just seems to want to explore everything and doesn't seem to be a bit afraid to try anything, like jumping to or from things to get to other places to explore. Burton isn't much of a climber so far and seems to like just getting under things. One of them is a thief (typical ferret) as I noticed the card disappeared from the front of the cage and I finally found it under the coffee table.
Name: Raven Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: silver
Placed: January
Raven had a good home, but things "just didn't work out". No bother, this stunning, sweet and chunky girl quickly found a great home with doting parents and friends.
Name: Sputnik Sex: F Age: 6 months (January) Color: silver
Placed: January
Sputnik is a a fun little girl who is very playful with both ferrets and people and cute as a button. This girl is very energetic and plays rough with other ferrets, but she does great with others who like to play this way (timid or shy ferrets will be completely overwhelmed by this bundle of energy). Sputnik still needs to be spayed.
Name: Dijon Sex: F Age: 2 to 3 years? Color: sable with bib
Placed: January
Dijon is a tiny girl who likes to explore her surroundings and get into anything she can reach (in other words, a normal healthy ferret). Dijon has proven to be a very gentle and friendly ferret. Dijon likes other gentle ferrets, and lives with Critter. These two kids would be great as "first ferrets" in a loving home.
Name: Mister Moto Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: silver
Placed: January
Mister Moto is a chunky boy who enjoys playtime with other active ferrets, and has a ball with people too. Mister Moto's original owners relinquished him because he bit them a lot, but since coming here he's not bitten anyone (and we've given him plenty of chances), so we suspect he just wasn't getting out of his cage enough. Mister Moto is from Triple F.

Update: Mister Moto can be a too rough with his mouth and bite when playing, but he's not bad and reacts very well to being told "no" when he gets carried away. And guess what, this boy is a KISSER!

Name: Dakota Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Name: Lakota Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: silver mitt
Placed: January
Daktoa and Lakota are practically perfect ferrets who like people (they lived with very young children and proved quite gentle), like cats, and like other ferrets. These boys are healthy and chunky and lots of fun for the entire family! Lakota is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Sabre Sex: M Age: 1 to 2 years Color: dark sable
Placed: January
Sabre was turned into the Humane Society by his owner's room mate when it became obvious that his owner had stopped feeding him and letting him out of the carrier for over a week. Sabre was skin and bones (700 grams) and covered with fleas when he arrived, but after a bath he perked up and began eating. Sabre is slowly putting on weight, and has proven to be a real heart breaker: this guy loves people and is quite happy to curl up on your lap or snuggle with you. We'll try him out with other ferrets in a week or so. Sabre is from Marshall Farms.

Sabre went home with Mischief, Mouse and Ceasar.

Name: Mischief Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Placed: January
Mischief is an adorable little talkative girl with a lot of spunk who likes to play! This girl is quite curious, and gets along well with cats and other ferrets (and of course people). Mischief has lived with kids and is used to being taken everywhere with her owners. Mischief has been descented.

Mischief went home with Sabre, Mouse and Ceasar.

Name: Mouse Sex: F Age: 3+ years Color: silver
Name: Ceasar Sex: M Age: 3+ years Color: cinnamon
Placed: January
Mouse and Ceasar are two gentle ferrets who get along well with other ferrets and like to snuggle with people. Mouse and Ceasar came from a terrible home where they were fed dog food, and lived in flea infested squalor. These sweet fuzzies came in very thin and are just now begining to put on weight. Both of these kids are from Marshall Farms.

Mouse and Ceasar went home with Sabre and Mischief.

Name: Elmo Sex: M Age: 4.5 years Color: sable
Placed: January
Elmo has lived with the same person his entire life, but now needs to find a new home. He loves to be chased by humans and to dig in the garden. He has enjoyed playing with a dog in the past, but hasn't had other ferret playmates before. Elmo doesn't appear to like other ferrets, so he would be happiest as an only child. Elmo was purchased in Las Vegas and has moved a lot during his lifetime. He is a Marshall Farms ferret.
Name: Fawn Sex: F Age: 6 to 8 years Color: sable
This fragile little girl was a trooper! Fawn made it all the way up from California despite being almost totally bald from adrenal disease in addition to having insulinoma. She also had to be treated for giardia before she came to us. She still ate enthusiastically and ran around exploring like a typical ferret. She was from Marshall Farms.

In October Fawn died from old age in the arms of her loving foster parent. She was a great little spirit, and everyone who knew her misses her.

Name: Professor Bobo Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable
Professor Bobo was an adorable and cute ferret who arrived with his best friend, Dr. Peanut. These boys were covered in fleas, probably because they were kept outside with no cover, and a single hammock with a large hole in it as their only bedding. These boys are very sweet!

Bobo had numerous health issues, including insulonomas and adrenal tumors (both of which he underwent surgery to remove) and lymphoma. Bobo died in late September, much sooner than we thought. We miss his gentle personality and playful spirit, and Peanut is now without his life mate.

Name: Harley Sex: F Age: 4 years (deceased) Color: silver
Harley was a stunning pale silver ferret with big black eyes. She was owned by the same person her whole life and has periodic episodes with digestive problems since she was young. She responds well to medication, but the episodes have continued to reoccur and her owner was unable to continue veterinary care. She was on a new medication we hoped would prevent relapses. Harley was from Marshall Farms.

Harley's problems increased suddenly in early June, and even after an emergency trip to the vet, and extra TLC here at the central facility, Harley quietly slipped over the Rainbow Bridge on the afternoon of Sunday, June 4. This girl was too sweet and gentle to die so young, and she will be missed.

Name: Marakesh Sex: F Age: 4 years (deceased) Color: sable/shetland
Marakesh was a sable/shetland female who arrived with Kashmir. Both girls played like crazed weasels together in a foster home for a year before she died. Marakesh died at the emergency clinic early in the morning of January 30. Marakesh obviously had a difficult time through most of her life, and much of this was probably due to an underlying health problem. None the less, Marakesh had a very good life for the past two years under the loving care of her foster parents.

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