Ferrets Who Found Homes in 2003

The following are the ferrets who passed through the Cascade Ferret Network and found homes in 2003!

Name: Levi Sex: M Age: 8 months Color: sable
Name: Lucas Sex: M Age: 8 months Color: sable
Arrived: November 29, 2003
Placed: December 22, 2003
Here's another pair of adorable young boys overflowing with personality. Their previous owner gave them up when she had to go into the hospital for a procedure with an expected long recovery time and had no one to look after these rambunctious boys. Levi and Lucas are from Marshall Farms.
Name: Vincent Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Name: Merlin Sex: M Age: 6 months Color: blaze
Arrived: November 2, 2003
Placed: December 22, 2003
These two gorgeous boys are about as big and fluffy as they come. Merlin and Vincent love to play with ferrets and humans and are reported to get along with dogs. They are another casualty of irresponsible parents allowing their irresponsible kids to acquire a pet that is too much responsibility for many adults. Merlin and Vincent are both from Marshall Farms.
Name: Fresco sponsored Sex: M Age: 5 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: 2002
Fresco was abandoned by former roommate. He is a smallish sweet boy who loves lots of human playtime and interraction, but doesn't do so well with other ferrets. Fresco is from Marshall Farms.

Fresco had to be euthanized after a myelogram revealed that a tumor in his spine was causing him to loose control of his legs and use of his bladder. He was a sweetheart with a great attitude until the end.

Name: Jubilee Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: silver mitt
Arrived: October 10, 2003
Placed: November, 2003
Jubilee arrived scrawny and flea infested, but she responded quickly to a full food bowl and hasn't stopped putting on weight yet. She was a stray found in the Vancouver area and was never claimed. She doesn't have any tattoos, so we don't know her origins. She is very talkative and loves rough housing with people, but not other ferrets.
Name: Lemur Sex: M Age: 7 years Color: dark eyed white
Name: Chunky Monkey Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: sable
Arrived: August 23, 2002
Placed: July, 2003; Returned: September, 2003
Placed: October, 2003
These two gentle giants were turned in to the humane society by their second owners because they were moving. Lemur is a dark-eyed white with a gorgeous ringed tail: he loves to tag along with you at your heels and lays at your feet to get attention. Chunky Monkey is a chubby good natured boy. They both enjoy the company of other ferrets, and they have been around cats and dogs and kids of all ages. Lemur has a green tattoo of unknown origin and it appears from an old rabies tag that he had when he lived in Idaho. Chunky Monkey is from Marshall Farms.

These boys were placed in July, but through no fault of their own were returned a short time later. Despite being an old boy, Lemur is a stunning ferret who loves to play like a youngster. Chunky Monkey is now, well, he's a chunk! He's big and sweet and loves to play with people as well as other ferrets (Lemur is a bit of a butt with other ferrets) -- we should update his photo so you can see how huge and fuzzy he's become!

Chunky Monkey was adopted into a happy ferret home, and Lemur is now fostered in the same home (although Lemur doesn't like other ferrets, and so he gets his own personal play time with Chunky Monkey).

Name: Frodo Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable
Arrived: September 17, 2003
Placed: October, 2003
Frodo was found as a stray and kept by the people that found him until they decided their cat would not tolerate keeping him as a pet. Frodo arrived with quite a few scratches to attest to the cat's dislike of his presence. Frodo seems to be very gentle and patient. He is not aggressive with other ferrets, but doesn't seem particularly keen to interact with other members of his species. Frodo is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Canby Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: silver
Arrived: 2001
Placed: October 2003
Canby was a sorry sight when we first laid eyes on her. She was a shrunken almost lifeless animal with two big scabs on her head from a previous encounter with another animal. She lunged at anyone's hand that came near and drew blood. She had wondered into a lumber yard where her savior picked her up and tried to give her some food (unfortunately he gave her trail mix, which she ate) and didn't hold a grudge against her when she bit him. Canby spent her first night at the vet on IV fluids and injectible antibiotics. By the next day she was eating on her own and on the road to recovery. Canby is from Marshall Farms.

Canby found a wonderful home where her new family delights in her fiesty attitude and crazy antics.

Name: Tiaga sponsored Sex: M Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Name: Tundra sponsored Sex: M Age: 3.5 years Color: silver
Arrived: 2000
Tiaga and Tundra are two delightful boys who came from a home where they only got out once a week for a brief time to play. Tundra has already adapted to the "out every day" regime they now follow, and he's willing to lavish you with kisses when in appreciation for his play time. Tiaga is a little more reserved, but we're sure he'll show some spunk with a little time. These kids need to be adopted as a pair.

Tundra and Tiaga were originally placed in a home in 2000, but for reasons unrelated to them (or their sweet and wonderful dispositions) they have been placed up for adoption again.

Tiaga passed away in June of 2002 and Tundra followed his life long friend in late October of 2003.

Name: Dickens sponsored Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: champagne
Name: Newton Sex: M Age: 2.5 years Color: albino
Name: Darwin Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: 2000
These three musketeers are ready to be rowdy with each other or anyone else that is willing to play with them. Darwin is the senior member of the trio. He appears to be exhibiting the early symptoms of adrenal disease (hair loss on his hindquarters). He and Newton have been roommates for most of their lives and can't be separated. Dickens is the most recent addition to the three amigos, and could be adopted separately if he goes to a home with other ferret playmates. Dickens is from Triple F and appears to be deaf. Darwin and Newton are both from Marshall Farms.

Darwin passed away in early 2002 after surviving surgery for adrenal disease.

Newton was euthanized in June 2003 after wasting away despite everything we could do to help him. He had an unusual type of malignant adrenal neoplasia.

Dickens is as cute as... um, well the Dickens, and he loves to play with people and stash anything he can haul away.

In late September Dickens began to slow down and show signs of an underlying health issue. Despite trips to the vet and a change of diet, Dickens passed away in his sleep in early October of 2003.

It was hard to watch these perfectly wonderful boys arrive at CFN and then have nobody show any interest in adopting them. They were a fun trio, then a wonderful duo, and finally a fantastic solo ferret, and all of them should have found a home. Please adopt from a shelter rather than buy a pet from a store: there are great kids out there just waiting to make you happy.

Name: Lucifer Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: September 15, 2003
Placed: October 2, 2003
Lucifer arrived injured. The base of his tail was very bruised and he had what might have been two puncture marks nearby. His tail was limp and he was not using his hindquarters normally. We don't know what happened to him. His former owner had found him wondering the neighborhood in that state. She had reluctantly given Lucifer to some neighbors who had ferrets when she was financially unable to continue paying for his daily care. The neighbors turned out to be irresponsible and uncaring since she found him injured and wondering only a few days later. She was unable to provide him with the medical care he needed so CFN arranged to get him immediate vet care thanks to the generosity of Dr. Ramsell of Southwest Animal Hospital who agreed to stay late to treat him. He was given steroids and antibiotics and seems to have made a full recovery. He is pretty thin and has an infestation of ear mites that needs to be treated, but he is a sweetie who gives kisses freely and certainly shows no signs of living up to his name. Lucifer doesn't have any tattoos, so we are uncertain of his origin.
Name: Meena Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: sable
Arrived: July 29, 2003
Placed: September 20, 2003
Meena is a petite sprite that was found as a stray with ear mites and in need of surgery. She has thin fur and a swollen vulva, sure signs of adrenal disease. Meena is an affectionate, lively girl that likes other ferrets. Meena is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Monkey Man Sex: M Age: 4 to 5 years Color: sable
Arrived: 1999
Monkey Man is a gentle but sometimes frightened boy who really needs to live with another ferret (or more). He needs an understanding home who can handle his potential to bite out of fear. Monkey currently lives with Lilith and Fiona, and plays well with others. When happy Monkey Man races back in forth across the floor with glee. This poor boy has been bounced from home to home so often that we really want to make sure that his next home is the one where his people will love him even with his faults. Monkey is just great with all ferrets, and is calm with calm people, so we recommend that he go to an experienced home. Monkey must go to a home with other ferrets (either adopt one of his friends with him, or already have one at home whom he likes).

Monkey Man is currently happily living in a long term foster home along with Fiona and Lilith.

Monkey man passed away in September of 2003. It's always hard to see an old timer like Monkey Man go, but Monkey was in a loving foster home for most of his tenure with CFN, and he received the best of care and lots of love.

Name:Bambi Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable
Arrived: August 30, 2003
Placed: September 12, 2003
Bambi wandered into the backyard of a resident of Clackamas who kept her a few days to try to reunited her with her owner. When no one stepped forward to claim Bambi, she called the Oregon Zoo and that led her to CFN. Bambi is beautiful, with a very dark coat, a very black nose and huge eyes. She was severely underweight initially, but has gained close to 100 grams in about a week. Bambi is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Nosey Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: chocolate mitt
Name: One-eyed Jack Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: albino
Arrived: 2000
Lost: September 2003
This pair of ferrets started out in a very responsible home and received their full series of vaccines as youngsters from a very experienced vet. They arrived with all the paper work from their purchase and vet visits (very unusual). Unfortunately they ended up going through a series of homes within a fairly short period of time and have ended up at CFN looking for a permanent position as companion animals. These guys are some of the most well behaved we have encountered from the Triple F breeder. Nosey is a beautiful chocolate brown color with white paws and bib. One-eyed Jack's name reflects a birth defect affecting his right eye, which is tiny and probably not functional. This pair gets along great with other ferrets.

Nosey and One Eyed Jack escaped from their foster home when a door malfunctioned and did not properly shut. Both were killed by a dog.

Name:Blaze Sex: F Age: 2.5 years Color: silver mitt
Arrived: August 31, 2003
Placed: September 5, 2003
A wildlife rehabilitator in Northern California contacted us about Blaze, who had been turned over to her by a Fish & Game employee. She was falling in love with the sweetheart, but knew she couldn't keep her and was willing to transport her over the border into Oregon if we could arrange it. It was Labor Day weekend and one of CFN's volunteers whose parents live in Medford offered to spend the holiday visiting them and then bring Blaze back with her. The plan worked beautifully and Heather bonded with the weasel by the time she returned to Portland with her and promptly adopted.
Name:Matilda Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: silver
Arrived: April 4, 2003
Placed: August, 2003
Poor Matilda was a very neglected girl. Her first owner left her in a tiny cage in the basement where she was fed occasionally, but never given any playtime or human attention. No wonder she became a problem biter. She was rescued by a Good Samaritan who was unable to deal with her biting. Matilda arrived very underweight and infested with fleas. She has quickly gained almost half a pound and has lots of enthusiasm for playing with other ferrets and people, but she will need to go to an experienced ferret home because she is still working on the biting issue. Matilda is from Triple F.
Name: Lilith Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: dark sable
Arrived: 1999
Lilith is a young girl with a lot of energy and a lot of spunk who dotes on human interactions and has been known to give kisses. Lilith is not fond of most other ferrets, although she is improving and tolerates more and more ferrets as we work with her - she plays great with her cage mates Monkey Man and Fiona. Lilith must go to a home with another ferret (either a shelter ferret, like Monkey Man, or a ferret with whom she gets along already in the home).

Lilith died unexpectedly in late August of 2003. Lilith was one of the very first CFN ferrets, and her foster mother and playmates miss her.

Name:Piper Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: cinnamon
Arrived: July 4, 2003
Placed: August, 2003
Piper is a super sweet, gentle, calm sprite that likes other ferrets. She was found as a stray and never claimed. She would be a perfect ferret for a first time owner. Piper is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Tucson sponsored Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: butterscotch
Arrived: 2001
Placed: August, 2003
This beautiful butterscotch boy was in sad shape when we first saw him. He was found wondering through an apartment complex and his saviors tried giving him food and water, but weren't very successful. They also trimmed his nails, which apparently looked like those found on humans that have made it into the Guiness Book of World Records. They contacted us after a couple of days when they realized he wasn't improving. Tucson was a bag of limp bones when we got him. We gave him subcutaneous fluids and offered him soup, which he took eagerly. He has improved slowly ever since. Critical cases like Tucson usually stay in small observation cages until they feel well enough to make it clear to us that they want to get out to play. Tucson never seemed anxious to get out of his cage, which made us wonder if he ever had much play time in the past. When we finally went ahead and put him in a playroom he was very excited, but very weak, much weaker than his condition would indicate. We think he has severe muscle atrophy from being kept inside a cage most of his life. His muscle tone is improving slowly and he is playing with other ferrets and loves getting cuddled. Tucson is from Triple F.

Tucson now lives with the shelter coordinator's pets, which include former CFN ferrets such as Bear and Chantilly. He's getting along well in his "new" home, although he still visits some of his old shelter play pals when they come up into the house to play in the afternoons.

Name:Sparkler Sex: F Age: 3 months Color: silver mitt
Arrived: June 29, 2003
Placed: August, 2003
Sparkler was found wondering the halls of a special needs housing building that does not allow pets. The employees were able to capture the little mite and kept her over night in a plastic storage bin with some snack mix until someone could come to pick her up the next day. Sparkler was a bit on the skinny side, but she took advantage of the more appropriate food and started gaining weight quickly. Sparkler is a good reminder of why babies are not the best choice for new ferret owners, she could easily end up being a problem kid with her energy level and need to test everything and everybody with her teeth. She is very good natured though and just needs a lot of handling by confident humans. Sparkler is from Marshall Farms.

Sparkeler went home with Titus.

Name:Titus Sex: M Age: 6 months Color: sable
Arrived: April 29, 2003
Placed: August, 2003
Titus is an adorable youngster bursting with energy, and he loves playing with anything or anybody. He was found as a stray. Titus is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Amora Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Name: Bailey Sex: M Age: 2.5 years Color: butterscotch
Arrived: July 7, 2002
Placed: August, 2003
Amora was purchased from Petco as a Valentine's Day present by her former owners. Six months later, Bailey was added when they rescued him from a garage sale situation. Amora and Bailey had been living together for about one year when their owners decided to move and found out ferrets were not allowed. Amora was bitten by a dog at one time and is scared of them but they both enjoy playing with cats. They seem to enjoy the company of other ferrets. Amora and Bailey are both from Marshall Farms.
Name:Bumbles sponsored Sex: M Age: 3-4 years Color: dark-eyed white
Arrived: October 14, 2002
Bumbles was given to someone wanting a companion for their ferret but she had no money for vet care. The person was told it was a female and 2 years old, was fed "people" food and oil while living free roam in a basement alternating with complete cage confinement. He has had adrenal surgery but still requires occasional expression of his bladder (adrenal disease affects the prostate which impedes the flow of urine). He appears to have neurological issues (spastic or uncoordinated movement) perhaps caused by neglect from his human "caretakers".

Bumbles died on August 2nd from malignant adrenal cancer with chronically infected prostate.

Name: Pipit sponsored Sex: F Age: 2.5 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: 2000
Placed: July, 2003
Pipit was a very spoiled, ferret whose owner was forced to give her up because her job changed and she has to be in the field for 6 months at a time. Pipit doesn't like other ferrets. Plays with cats. Her right eye has a scar from a cat's claw. Pipit is from Marshall Farms.

Pippers went home with Tamarind.

Name: Tamarind Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
Placed: July, 2003
The owners of Tamarind and Tandoorie were glad that we could come out and pick them up before they moved, since they were going to have to "let them go" otherwise. We were relieved they contacted us before that happened. Tamarind is a cute little sable who has a gentle disposition and is from Marshall Farms.

Tamarind found a home with Pippit.

Name: Misty Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: silver
Arrived: July 10, 2003
Placed: July, 2003
This girl arrived with four additional cagemates, two of which have since been adopted. The five were reluctantly given up to prevent eviction of their owner. They have been very pampered and were used to the good life. This duo has lots of energy and enjoys their playtimes. They especially make a mess with any container of water. Misty gets along with other ferrets and people too. They were all purchased from Petco and are from Marshall Farms.
Name:Hagrid Sex: M Age: less than 1 year Color: chocolate
Arrived: November 16, 2002
Placed: June, 2003
Hagrid is so cute and adorable that the employees at Southwest Washington Humane Society in Vancouver, where he was turned in as a stray, didn't want to see him go. Hagrid is a big, happy, healthy cute boy who is destined to break hearts. Hagrid is from Marshall Farms. Have we mentioned just how cute he is?

Hagrid was placed in at the end of 2002, but was then returned because his owner was unwilling to pay for boarding her ferrets while out of town. He is still very cute.

Name: Olympia Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: silver
Placed: April 2001 Returned: April, 2003
Placed: June, 2003
This beauty was turned over to us because her owner was concerned that her son would harm them on purpose. It didn't sound like a good situation, so we made arrangements to bring her (and her two cage mates, Pandora and Frankie) back from Olympia as soon as possible. Olympia was saved from a horrible pet store situation and is beautiful and sweet and likes playing with other ferrets. Pandora and Frankie have already been placed together, but Olympia can go to a home with another ferret. Olympia is from Marshall Farms.

Olympia went to a home with Maya.

Name: Maya Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: June 2001 Returned: April, 2003
Maya is one of those ferrets you can't help feeling is special even though she isn't especially noteworthy. She absolutely lights up when humans are interacting with her, but she will make do with ferret playmates. She is very cute with just a few white toes on one of her front feet. She was abandoned by her former owner and her temporary caretaker was unable to take Maya with him when he moved even though he gotten very attached to her. Maya is from marshall Farms.

Maya went to a home with Olympia.

Name: Tula Bear Sex: F Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Name: Polar Bear Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: dark eyeed white
Arrived: August 12, 2002
Placed: June, 2003
Tula Bear was rescued from her first owners when she was 8 months old -- she lived in the Medford area and had supposedly been fed only oysters! Her new owner gave her a better diet, but ended up abandoning her and her companion when he moved across the country, neglecting to even tell his relatives and housemates that he had left them behind in his bedroom. Polar Bear had been purchased from Petco as a companion for Tula Bear and was given to the owner as a gift. They arrived thoroughly infested with fleas and ear mites. Both of them had bald patches on their shoulders from scratching at the vermin. We kept our fingers crossed and the bald spots have regrown fur after the fleas were eliminated. Tula Bear and Polar Bear have lived with cats and small kids, and they interact with other ferrets well during playtime. Tula Bear is from Marshall Farms, but Polar Bear doesn't have any tattoos to indicate his origin.
Name:Zira Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: April 23, 2003
Placed: June, 2003
Zira is sweet, sweet, sweet! She is very gentle and well behaved and gets along with other ferrets. Zira was found as a stray and turned in to the Southwest Washington Humane Society. Zira is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Fiona Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable/silver mitt
Arrived: 1999
Placed: May, 2003
Fiona is a young beautiful girl who has settled down a great deal since arriving here, due mostly to her cage mate, Bear, and he playmates. Fiona bites frequently and bites very hard, but she's learning not to (very, very slowly). Fiona loves other ferrets and should go to an experienced ferret home with other ferrets. Fiona is from Triple F.
Name: Faith Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Placed: January 2001 Returned: April, 2003
Placed: May, 2003
Faith was fortunate to be found by someone that cared and gave her the best care they could until a move to their new home prevented them from continuing to care for her. She was emaciated and covered with fleas when they found her, but they got rid of her fleas and she dug into the food they gave her and she is now a normal weight. Faith is hoping someone else will take her into their home and care for her for the rest of her life. Faith is from Marshall Farms.
Name:Norbert Sex: M Age: 3 months Color: albino
Arrived: April 30, 2003
Placed: May, 2003
This scrawny, flea and ear mite infested little guy followed an employee into the office of a towing company. The company was in an industrial area with no housing anywhere nearby, so we think he might have been living in one of the vehicles that had been towed. Norbert has been chowing down since his arrival and is growing rapidly. Like all ferrets his age, he thinks everything in life is there specifically for his enjoyment. Norbert is from Marshall Farms.

Norbert joined Spalding and Courtney in their home.

Name:Ester Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable
Arrived: April 26, 2003
Placed: May, 2003
Ester was found as a stray in estrus (heat) and infested with fleas and ear mites. She is the tiniest, cutest little thing with the most adorable ears ever seen. She is very talkative and likes other ferrets. She was recently spayed but has not been descented (but you would never know it).

Ester and Sprocket found a home together.

Name:Sprocket Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: sable
Arrived: April 2, 2003
Placed: May, 2003
Sprocket was turned in as a stray and was never claimed. He is a very talkative, gentle and sweet guy who likes other ferrets. Sprocket is from Marshall Farms.

Sprocket went home with Ester!

Name: Snoopy Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: albino
Name: Strider Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: cinnamon
Arrived: August 26, 2002
Placed: May, 2003
We never got a clear picture of exactly why his owners decided Snoopy needed to find a new home -- the story never quite made sense. He was lucky enough to find a new home, and was then joined by his buddy Strider, but once again they've been left without a home. Strider is one super sweet ferret. He loves people and likes other ferrets even if they aren't very nice to him. Strider wandered into a community center swimming pool area and was never claimed. He is named after the character in The Fellowship of the Ring ("All that is gold Both of these boys are gentle, playful, and friendly and would do well in a first time ferret home. Snoopy and Strider are from Marshall Farms.
Name:Spalding Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: silver mitt
Arrived: October 3, 2002
Placed: May, 2003
This boy was found in Vancouver. Spalding has cataracts and is deaf, and is a very nice boy who likes people and other ferrets.

This sweet boy was adopted by a very loving family of ferret enthusiasts who also took Courtney home with him.

Name: Courtney sponsored Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable
Arrived: 2002
Placed: May, 2003
Courtney was returned to the pet store where she was purchased when her owners were told she had tumors that would cause her death within a short period of time. She lived on "death row" in the back of the pet store in a 10 gallon aquarium for 2 months waiting to die before she was rescued by a new employee and brought to CFN. He was concerned for the quality of her remaining life and wondered if veterinary intervention could prolong her life expectancy. Courtney has huge tumors bulging from her abdomen and a swollen vulva, both of which point to adrenal disease, but it is unusual in such a young ferret -- see the update below. Courtney has no tattoos so her origin is unknown.

Update: Courtney survived her surgery. The vet was surprised to find an enlarged kidney with a fluid filled cyst attached to Courtney's abdomen. The vet also removed a cyst from Courtney's uterus which was causing her swollen vulva. It was amazing to see Courtney bopping around the very next day, she was almost half the ferret she was before (the cystic kidney that was removed weighed 10oz) and must have felt so much better. Courtney has fully recovered and is enjoying playing with her new ferret friends, but has not been taught appropriate play behavior with humans and needs to go to an experienced home.

Courtney is very fortunate in that a family was looking to give a home to a problem ferret who would get along with Spalding. We've heard that Ms. Courtney still chomps on her family members, but she's settling down and these incidents are occuring less and less frequently.

Name: Pooka Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: cinnamon
Name: Indigo Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: silver mitt
Arrived: 2001
Placed: May, 2003
Double the pleasure, double the fun! These girls just want to have fun and they know how. Pooka is a super active little beauty and Indigo is a stunning dark silver with white mitts, bib, and kneepads. These girls found a home, but returned after their owner tragically died. Indigo is showing signs of insulinoma issues, while Pooka is a wild and crazy girl who loves to play with anyone and everyone. Indigo is from Marshall Farms, Pooka does not have any tattoos. These two girls get along with other ferrets.

These two girls went to a (now) very happy home. We'll miss their playful and spirited antics, but are thrilled that they have a home of their own!

Name:Noodles Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: silver
Arrived: March 21, 2003
Noodles arrived in dire straits from a family unable to provide him with vet care. His abdomen was huge from an enlarged spleen and he was deathly anemic. He was rushed to the vet where he underwent an emergency blood transfusion from 3 donor ferrets (Barnaby and Bartholomew, foster ferrets, and Eddie, adopted from CFN). Noodles was infested with fleas which may have been a factor in his anemia, but he still hasn't returned to normal even though the fleas are gone. We have tested his bone marrow and spleen to find out if he is able to make red blood cells and it all looks ok, so maybe he just needs more time. Noodles is from Marshall Farms.

Noodles died in early May of 2003 from lymphoma (his underlying problem). He was a real sweetie and a fighter, and we miss him.

Name:Tommy Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: silver mitt
Arrived: March 10, 2003
Placed: April 2, 2003
Ferrets don't get any cuter or sweeter than this guy. Tommy arrived as a stray and was never claimed (as unbelievable as that seems). He was adopted by the first family that met him (big surprise!).
Name:Zeda Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: silver
Arrived: March 12, 2003
Placed: April 2, 2003
Zeda was mistakenly thought to be a male by her former owners who acquired her as a kit from Scamps. She was relinquished because she was harassing an invalid cat in the home. She was lucky to find a new home with Tommy as a companion for the family's two other female ferrets. Zeda is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Oliver Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: cinnamon
Name: Mithryl Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: dark-eyed white
Arrived: July 24, 2002 Returned:January 11, 2003
Placed: April 7, 2003
These two are a wonderful pair of ferrets, talkative, gorgeous, and playful, although Mithryl doesn't like other ferrets. They originally arrived when their owner developed allergies to them. They were quickly adopted and moved to eastern Washington. Despite going through our considerable screening process, the couple that adopted them turned out to be very irresponsible and gave them to their 12 year old niece when they had to move, violating the adoption contract they had signed. The 12 year old proved unable to deal with the responsibility of caring for them (big surprise) and they ended up back looking for their 4th home! Oliver is from a private breeder on the other side of the country and was neutered when he became mature but is not descented. Mithryl is from Triple F.
Name: Noel Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: cinnamon
Name: Spirit Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: silver
Arrived: December 25, 2002
Placed: March 20, 2003
Noel and Spirit were dumped in Longview, Washington on Christmas day by their morally bankrupt owners after an extended period of neglect. Both girls were covered with feces and severe urine burns. When they were first placed in a new clean cage they quickly burrowed into a snug sack and hid. These two gentle girls are recovering from their harsh treatment and love to give and receive attention. They are both from Marshall Farms.
Name: Aries sponsored Sex: F Age: 8 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
What a sweet gentle soul. Aries was rescued from neglect by a family of ferret advocates who were unfortunately unable to keep her. Aries has a sparse coat, probably as a result of adrenal disease, but she has a good weight and loves to be held and give kisses. She is afraid of other ferrets, so we have not forced her to interact with others. Aries deserves to get extra special attention in her remaining lifetime. Aries is from Marshall Farms.

It has been a rough couple of months at the CFN, and many of the sweet older ferrets in our care have passed away. Aries died in late march, 2003, and is missed dearly by her foster mom and those of us at the shelter who knew her.

Name: Aussie sponsor Sex: F Age: 6 years Color: silver
Arrived: July 27, 2002
Aussie has no tattoos and was purchased in Colorado. This seetheart does great with kids and cats, but his previous owners couldn't afford vet care for Aussie, who needed adrenal surgery.

Aussie developed cronic health problems shortly after her adrenal surgery, and died in mid March. She was a perfect little angel, and we miss her.

Name: Timone sponsored Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Name: Weezer sponsored Sex: M Age: 5 years Color: dark eyed white
Arrived: 2001
This pair of boys were tearfully given up by their owner after she was unable to give them the attention they need because of changes in her life. Weezer is just adorable with his huge black eyes, white fur and black nose. Timone is very needy for human interaction and is always ready to come out of his cage for playtime. These guys have interacted with other ferrets before (but it takes a bit for Weezer to accept new friends) and are ok with cats and dogs. Weezer doesn't have any tattoos to tell us where he might have come from, but Timone is from Marshall Farms.

Weezer passed away in February of 2003 from lymphoma. Timone' died in mid April of 2003 after a sudden crash in his health. We miss both of these boys and their playfull antics.

>Name: Torgo sponsored >Sex: M >Age: 4 to 5 years >Color: silver
Name: Autumn Sex: F Age: 4 to 5 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: 2001
Placed: February, 2003 (Autumn)
What a pair! Torgo is immense bear of a ferret and Autumn is a petite wisp of a girl that wraps herself around Torgo like a scarf. The duo was rescued from a homeless person who was planning on releasing them into Mt Tabor Park because he didn't have money to buy them food. Their kindhearted rescuer had Torgo neutered and descented and had them both medicated for their horrible infestation of ear mites. Unfortunately he is leaving the country for several years and could not keep them any longer. They still have a healthy population of ear mites which we are working at exterminating and they need to be given their full series of vaccinations. They seem to get along ok with other ferrets, but prefer people (Torgo LOVES to be given a good back scratch) and like being held. Torgo is from a private breeder and Autumn is from Marshall Farms.

Torgo and Autumn live with their foster parents, who have adopted Autumn.

Torgo passed away in March of 2003. Autumn lives and plays with her other ferret friends.

Name: Ginger sponsored Sex: F Age: 4+ years Color: cinnamon (right)
Name: Nutmeg Sex: F Age: 4+ years Color: cinnamon (left)
Arrived: 1999
Ginger and Nutmeg are two cinnamon spice girls who are a little insecure and so nippy, but have the potential to be very affectionate young ladies. They do not like other ferrets and must be adopted as a pair. Nutmeg has a serious heart condition and lymphoma and will require medication and supplemental feeding twice each day for the rest of her life. Ginger is quite energetic and healthy and love to chase after pull toys -- she is also becoming more and more affectionate towards people.

These wonderful two special needs ferrets are thriving in their long term foster home, and their foster mom reports that both girls are very playful and are into kissing in a big way. There foster mom has given them a new lease on life, and it's great to visit them and see the joy in their (and their foster parent's) eyes.

Nutter passed away at the end of May 2001 after a long battle with ADV. Both her cage mate, Ginger, and her foster parent miss her dearly. Ginger is doing great with her foster mom, who spoils her every day with love and kindness.

Ginger passed away on January 18, 2003, after a sudden crash in her health. The "spice girls" have been at the head of the CFN Ferrets for Adoption Page since early 1999, and in memory of Ginger we'll leave them here a little while longer before moving them to their resting place.

The passing of any ferret tugs at your heart but it is the ferret who trusts no one else in the world that rips your heart out when they are gone. As an ADV+ ferret, Ginger resided in my home, spoiled rotten and very much loved. All ferrets deserve such a home.
      Ginger's Foster Mom. January 18, 2003.
Name: Alton Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable
Arrived: January 16, 2003
Placed: March, 2003
Alton was apparently dumped in a wetland in Forest Grove that was luckily near a housing complex, and he wandered into the garage of a house next to the greenspace. He is not aggressive with other ferrets, but seems very insecure. Alton especially loves attention from people and thinks life should be filled with "Good Treats"; hence he was named after the creator and host of the Food Network show "Good Eats", Alton Brown. Alton (the ferret) is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Alaska Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: albino
Name: Juneau Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: sable
Arrived: January 27, 2003
Placed: March, 2003
This pair of ferrets was owned by the same person until being turned in because of an unfounded fear of contracting toxoplasmosis from them. They hadn't had their cage cleaned or been out of their cage at all in over a month! It took them awhile to remember how to play again after getting here. They were both pretty skinny when they arrived, but have been putting on weight now that they get access to food constantly. Juneau was purchased from Scamps and Alaska was acquired from a pet store in Wisconsin. They have been around dogs, cats and kids without problems and have played with other ferrets. They are both from Marshall Farms.
Name: Rebel Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: sable
Name: Regis Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: 2002
Placed: February, 2003
Rebel is a dark sable with freckles on his nose and the tiniest rim of white fur on the edges of his black feet. Regis is a sinuous cinnamon-colored boy with a lot of energy. These guys had to be given up by their second owner because of the owner's precarious health. Regis and Rebel have lived with other ferrets and dogs. They are currently being treated for ear mites. Rebel is from Marshall Farms and Regis is from Triple F.
Name: Boogie Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: sable
Arrived: January 25, 2003
Placed: February, 2003
Boogie was unlucky to end up at a Scamps pet store. He became ill and when it became apparent that veterinary care would be needed to save his life, Scamps opted to have him euthanized. Lucky for Boogie, a vet tech at the clinic Boogie was taken to was willing to nurse him back to health. He had a rough time, but recovered and is a healthy young ferret now. He has been around cats, dogs, and other ferrets. Boogie's owner was forced to give him up when her living arrangements changed and issues with allergies became apparent. Boogie is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Nova Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Arrived: November 2, 2002
Died: February, 2003
Pluto, Terra and Nova are a happy trio who like other ferrets. Their last owner had them 2 months and they were acquired from a family friend. They were relenquished because they "require too much attention." They have been around children of all ages. Terra and Nova are from Marshall Farms.

Terra has already found a happy home.

Nova died in February of 2003 from cancer.

Pluto is pals and cagemates with adorable Kitkat and the ever energetic Twizzler.

Name:Twix Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: sable
Name:Dolly Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: October 27, 2002
Placed: February, 2003
Twix, Dolly, Twizler, Kit-kat were purchased from Petco as kits. They were relenquished because of a lack of interest in making time to give them attention and care for them. These guys are playful and get along well with other ferrets. All are from Triple F Farms.

Twix and Dolly found a home together!

Name: Meala Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: dark-eyed white
Arrived: January 6, 2003
Placed: February, 2003
Meala is a stunningly white ferret and a very large female. She was found as a stray and when no one claimed her, the people that found her tried to keep her, but after a month decided owning a ferret was not going to work out for them. Meala got spoiled during her one month stay and arrived with a huge bag of treats and other ferret luxuries. She was around a dog and cat in her temporary home and played very gently with humans. She doesn't have any tattoos to indicate her origin. She seems to get along ok with other ferrets, but would rather interact with humans.
Name: Praline Sex: F Age: 3 months Color: cinnamon
Arrived: February 2, 2003
Placed: February, 2003
All ferret kitts are cute and adorbale, and Praline is no exception, although we think she's pretty exceptional. Praline is gentle (for a kit), and plays actively and happily with all other ferrets. When she's not being rowdy with a ferret partner in crime, or bouncing off the walls, Praline loves to be with people. Praline is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Cisco sponsored Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
What a sad life. Cisco has spent the last 3 years in a small cage with infrequent excursions outdoors for walks and was only allowed out of his cage inside at infrequent intervals when in one of those horrible ferret "fun balls". Life at the shelter has definitely been an improvement for him. For several days after his arrival he didn't know what to do with himself when placed in the play room. It took a week for him to realize how to play with other ferrets and people. Now his enthusiasim for life shows as he bounces up and down in one spot and chuckles loudly when he has his play time. Cisco arrived with large scabby bare spots on his flanks where he had scratched himself raw out of boredom and because of toenails that looked like they had rarely been trimmed. The scabs are healing and new fur in growing in the bare patches. Cisco is from a Canadian breeder.

Cisco died in February 2003 from heart failure.

Name: Sherpa sponsored Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: dark eyed white
Arrived: 2001
Sherpa was turned over to the Oregon Humane Society because of an ultimatum from the owner's husband. Sherpa is very small for a male, which might explain why his former owners were under the impression he was a she. He has played with kids and a puppy in the past, but does use his teeth when playing with people and enjoys making humans dance by going after their ankles and feet. He makes up for this annoying habit by giving lots of kisses whenever they are requested. Sherpa has symptoms of adrenal disease and may need surgery. He has a tattoo in his ear, but we are unable to make out what symbol the tattoo represents.

Sherpa died in February of 2003, and in July his sponsor (and otherwise ferret mom), Marla, sent us the following note about him.

Could you add just a little line on Sherpa's little bio saying that he has a friend that misses him? I know, it's totally mushy and sentimental, but i was musing just now about how he helped me to learn that just because a ferret bites you or is a pain in the ass, doesn't mean he's a bad ferret or he wants to hurt you, you know? I just think about him literally hanging on my soccer socks, determined to maintain his hold on my calf, trying to get my attention, with his tail all bristled, or whenever Amaretto (or anyone else) nabbed my toes or hands, and I couldn't be angry. He was a strange, good little ferret that made a positive difference in my life, so I thought it would be nice to add a little something to that affect to his little CFN bio.
Thanks for reminding us what great little guy Sherpa was, Marla.
Name: Libra sponsored Sex: F Age: 6.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
Libra is a sweet little old lady that still enjoys kicking up her heels and romping with humans and other gentle ferrets. She was owned by the same person her entire life and was turned in to CFN when her owner had the opportunity to move to England. She is showing the typical hair loss pattern seen with adrenal disease and needs to be evaluated by the vet to see if surgery is recommended in her case. Libra is from Marshall Farms.

Libra passed away in February, and her cage mate Tuscon, playmates Indigo and Pooka, and all the shelter staff miss her.

Name: Teak Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: silver
Name: Ewok Sex: M Age: 1 years Color: shetland/badger
Arrived: 2002
Placed: January, 2003
Teak and Ewok were owned by same person since they were kits, but their owner's fiancee was allergic to them. They are loving ferrets who are good with cats, and have been around an autistic kid. Teak has blatant symptoms of adrenal disease. Both are from Marshall Farms.
Name: Wizard sponsored Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: dark eyed white
Arrived: 2001
Wizard was found in an animal trap set out to capture raccoons, and had been in the trap for a couple of days with no food and water. Wizard has bounced back into health and happiness, but Wiz prefers to be an only ferret. If you're looking for a gentle but playful soul mate, Wiz may be for you.

Wizard died in early 2003 from cancer.

Name: Brisko sponsored Sex: M Age: 5 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: 2001
Brisko was found wondering in Corvallis as a youngster and was adopted by his former owner. He was a companion to several other ferrets that have slowly passed away as the years went by until Brisko was left by himself. His owner really felt he would be happier with another friend and since she did not have the time to give him attention, he was turned over to CFN in the hopes that someone would be willing to give this big sweetheart a new home with new ferret friends. Brisko was given regular vet care and the best food by his former owner and his heft shows it (he is a bit rotund). Brisko lived in harmony with cats and dogs in his former home. He looks a bit forlorn at the moment, but is ready to give kisses and has a big play group of buddies. Brisko is from Marshall Farms.

Brisko passed away in mid January of 2003. He had been living in a foster home for some time, where he was given all of the love and affection he could desire, and his foster parents miss him deeply.

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