Ferrets Who Found Homes in 2004

The following are the ferrets who passed through the Cascade Ferret Network and found homes in 2004!

Name: Louie Sex: M Age: 2.5 years Color: silver
Arrived: November 14, 2004
Placed: December 22, 2004
Louie's second owner was a teenager whose father would not allow her to bring Louie with her when they moved. Louie has a beautiful rich golden undercoat. He gets along with other ferrets and plays gently with humans. Louie is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Fritz sponsored Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: April 17, 2004
Placed: December 19, 2004
Fritz was given to his previous caretaker as a "gerbil". Luckily they were wise enough to immediately realize Fritz was not a gerbil, but a ferret. Fritz's history is a bit murky, but involved being transferred to several different individuals within a short period of time, but it appears that he started out as the pet of an adolescent that predictably neglected to care for him properly. Fritz is bursting with energy and enthusiasm. He is currently being treated for ear mites, but will get to play with other ferrets soon. Fritz is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Petey sponsored Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
Died: December 26, 2004
Petey is a great all around family guy. He is very sweet, very playful, very gentle (okay, he can be a little roguh when hand wrestling), and very fun. He talks a lot while playing, covets polar balls, and enjoys playing with cats. Petey is looking for a new home because his second owner didn't care about him enough to make the time to give him the attention and care he needs. Petey is from Marshall Farms.

Petey's story is a classic shelter tale: a perfectly fine young ferret arrived at the facility to join the dozens of others looking for a home. Because there were so many ferrets to select, nobody chose Petey, and so the years passed by and Petey and became "less desirable" because of his advanced age. We never found a foster home for Petey, which was a shame because he would have done much better outside the central facility. When lymphoma became a part of Petey's life it was very sad to watch this once very active and playful bundle of sweetness and fur decline into lethargy. Petey never lost his gentleness, and although he was never a willing lap ferret, he was always given the opportunity to just lay on someone's lap and be stroked and petted. And so it was until the day after Christmas, when Petey found every breath a struggle and we knew it was time to ease his suffering. Petey was very loved, and is very missed.

Name: O'Dell Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable mitt
Arrived: November 25, 2004
Placed: December 2, 2004
O'Dell wondered into a business garage in O'Dell and immediately ran up to the first person he saw. He was thin and very thirsty but was lucky to find a human that wanted to help him. She found out what to feed him and tried to find his owners, and in the mean time fell just a little bit in love with this wonderful guy. It was very hard for her to turn him over to us when no one claimed him. O'Dell has really thick fur and is now on the chubby side. He has a thin stripe on the top of his head, and a short but wonderfully thick and bushy tail. O'Dell is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Lunabelle Sex: F Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: August 19, 2004
Died: December 2, 2004
Lunabelle is a slight but friendly girl with a very thin coat who was found abandoned in a box outside an apartment manager's office door. Lunabelle is a having a number of health issues and we're working hard to get her through them.

Lunabelle's spirit passed on December 2nd, despite all we could do for her. In the short time we knew her we all became quite fond of this little girl, and she will be desperately missed by all that got to know her outgoing personality -- especially her foster parent.

Name: Columbia sponsored Sex: F Age: 5+ years Color: sable
Name: Magenta Sex: F Age: 5+ years Color: silver
Arrived: October 11, 2002
Placed: November 25, 2004
These seniors were turned into Cowlitz County Humane Society with no information other than the owner had them for 3 years. Both showing advanced adrenal disease and were loaded with fleas. Magenta died in November when her adrenal tumor ruptured. Columbia is super sweet and gets along great with other ferrets, but she needs surgery. Columbia is from Marshall Farms.

Columbia adopted on Thanksgiving to be the friend of an older ferret, who had lost their ferret-ferret recently.

Name: Vega Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: albino
Arrived: August 5, 2002
Placed: November 21, 2004
Vega, like the star after which she was named, is a brilliant white girl who gets along great with humans and ferrets. Although she had fleas and earmites when she arrived, she's now clean as a whistle! Vega is from Marshall Farms.

Vega was adopted by her long-time foster parent!

Name: Turbo Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable
Name: Coco Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: blonde
Ready for placement: November, 2004
Placed: November 24, 2004
Turbo and Coco are looking for a new home after a human infant entered their owners life
Name: Butternut Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: cinnamon
Name: Mole Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable
Arrived: October 20, 2004
Placed: November 21, 2004
Butternut and Mole were taken by the police from a semi-vacant home where they had been left in a cage without food or water. No one had been to the home for 4 or more days. Butternut and Mole along with a cat were taken to Multnomah County Animal Services. Butternut has a beautiful coat and is very plump with big round eyes. Employees at MCAS thought Mole was a baby since he is much smaller than an adult male ferret, but a look at his teeth indicated that he is well past babyhood and must be stunted somehow. His head looks too large for his body. Both are being treated for ear mites. Despite their neglect, they both seem to have very nice personalities. Butternut is from Marshall Farms, but Mole doesn't have any tattoos to indicate his origin.
Name: Mugsy Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: sable mitt
Arrived: September 7, 2004
Placed: November 14, 2004
Mugsy was turned over to an animal shelter via the police, we don't know what he did to deserve being picked up by law enforcement, but it was probably something to do with being too cute for his own good. He looks like a ferret that was allowed to mature before being neutered with a large body build and a wide head and shoulders. He seems to be almost entirely deaf and chortles under his breath all the time. Mugsy attacks other ferrets, but he loves to play, it doesn't matter if it is tubes, balls, or in a bin filled with rice, he knows how to entertain himself.
Name: Jefferson Rex (J.R.) Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: October 16, 2004
Placed: November 12, 2004
J.R. is the best natured guy around. All he wants to do is PLAY! J.R. is a very energetic guy that needs an enthusiastic playmate, either human or animal. He went nuts when he discovered other ferrets, and he loves them all, even the old grouchy ones. J.R. can't be bothered with being held for long, there's too much playing to do. When he plays, he is gentle, no signs of biting. He's also strong; can spring right out of a playpen. Jefferson Rex is looking for a new home because of allergy issues with his former owner. Jefferson is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Simone Sex: F Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Name: Seymore Sex: M Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2002
Simone and Seymore were purchased as kits and ended up in the care of the owner's mother when the owner was unable to have them where he was living. The mother would have liked to keep the pair, but she unemployed and felt she could not provide the care and attention the pair deserved. Seymore had some physical problems as a youngster (unable to use his hind legs normally) that he grew out of, but he does have a slightly twisted nose and upper jaw. Seymore isn't very active, but likes to be held. Simone is the more playful of the two. They grew up around cats, dogs and kids. Simone and Seymore are both from Marshall Farms.

Simone passed away in mid December 2002. She was a sweet girl who loved to play and lavish kisses on people.

Seymore died on November 12, 2004, in his foster home. His foster mom misses him dearly.

Name: Jezabelle Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: sable
Ready for Adoption:October 1, 2004
Placed: November 7, 2004
Jezabelle is a wonderful sable who is well behaved, loving and would make a great addition to someone's family. Her owner would like to find a home where she can get more attention than what she can offer her. Jezabelle has a wonderful loving personality, cuddles, does NOT bite (can be a little nippy to hands / ankles when playing, but has NEVER broken the skin), loves kids, cats, and seems to get along with other ferrets. She has had regular vet care and just was given her annual vaccinations. Jezabelle doesn't have any tattoos, so we don't know her origin.
Name: Dude Sex: M Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: September 22, 2004
Placed: November 6, 2004
Dude was scheduled for termination because of his guardian's inability to finance the adrenal surgery he requires. Dude was having difficulty urinating, which can turn into a life threatening situation. Unfortunately he had to leave behind his lifelong buddy to get a chance to live. Dude was infested with fleas and ear mites, but those were easily dealt with. His adrenal disease will be more difficult fix, a Lupron injection, donated by Dr. Ramsell at Southwest Animal Hospital, has bought him some time before the surgery to adjust to his change in living arrangements. Dude is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Corbett Sex: M Age: 3 months Color: sable
Arrived: October 12, 2004
Placed: October 26, 2004
Corbett was found tied to a chain link fence next to a bus stop. He had been tied up for at least the entire night (and possibly even longer) with no water, food or shelter, although he had managed to scratch a small depression in the hard packed ground to use as a bed. A caring person found Corbett and took him into work with her until we could come and pick him up. Corbett was a bit skinny, but he eats with gusto and now plays like a crazed weasel, which is a good thing.
Name: Peaches Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: cinnamon
Arrived: October 6, 2004
Placed: October 12, 2004
Peaches was a skinny, flea infested stray that wondered in through someone's cat door and started wolfing down cat food. She finished off an entire bowl full of food for several days in a row, gaining 100 grams within 4 days of her arrival. Peaches is very energetic and likes other ferrets. Peaches is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Lithia Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: September 21, 2004
Placed: October 10, 2004
Lithia is a beautiful sprite with lovely chestnut fur and delicate white toes. She is large and pudgy, but she can really dance and talk when let out to play. She was turned in as a stray and never claimed. Lithia is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Smoochie Sex: F Age: 3.5 years Color: sable mitt
Arrived: September 12, 2004
Died: October 6, 2004
Smoochie has an adorably expressive face. It is too bad the rest of her looks so pathetic. She arrived with very little fur and a slightly swollen vulva. Smoochie will be scheduled for adrenal surgery soon. She was found as a stray. She is very willing to give kisses which is how she got her name. Smoochie is from Marshall Farms.

We were all shocked when Smoochie died suddenly post op from adrenal surgery. A necropsy revealed chronic lung congestion that suggests she might have had an undetected heart problem.

Name: Lemur sponsored Sex: M Age: 7 years Color: dark eyed white
Arrived: August 23, 2002
Placed: July, 2003; Returned: September, 2003
Died: September 9, 2004
Lemur is a dark-eyed white with a gorgeous ringed tail: he loves to tag along with you at your heels and lays at your feet to get attention. Lemur's best buddy in the whole world is Chunky Monkey, who has been adopted, and Lemur now lives with him as a foster ferret in their home.

Lemur is now over 7 years old(!) and has ongoing medical needs, and so he needs a sponsor to help him out with his medical costs.

Everyone that met Lemur fell in love with him, and he is greatly missed, especially by his foster mom and his former playmate, Chunky Monkey.

Name: Woodstock Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: chocolate mitt
Arrived: July 24, 2004
Placed: September 2, 2004
Woodstock had an adventure that almost cost him his life. He wandered into the yard of an aggressive dog and was attacked. A Good Samaritan was able to rescue him and immediately took him to the Dove Lewis Emergency Clinic. He was lucky, since without an owner to claim him, they could not do any medical procedures to help him. Woodstock was shaved to be able to assess and clean his puncture wounds and he wasn't walking normally at first, but after a stay at MCAC he was turned over to CFN and doesn't seem to have any permanent injury as a result of the attack. Woodstock is a very energetic and playful guy that loves to bounce and cavort with other ferrets or humans. Woodstock is from Marshall Farms.

Woodstock went home with Minkie -- all the way to Montanna!

Name: Minkie Sex: F Age: 3 months Color: cinnamon
Arrived: August 7, 2004
Placed: September 2, 2004
Minkie arrived as a scrawny stray found in the Vancouver area. Surprisingly she was not claimed even though she appeared to be only a few months old. It took her a few days to really decide to dig into her food bowl, but when she did she put on weight quickly, going from 400 grams to 600 grams in less than one week. As with any ferret her age, everything Minkie does is adorable and she has boundless energy: all objects must be explored with her mouth, but she is very gentle. Minkie is getting used to going out for walks on a leash to the nearby park. Minkie is from Marshall Farms.

Minkie went home with Woodstock -- all the way to Montanna!

Name: Opie Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: 2002
Placed: September 2, 2004
Opie is a gentle giant of a ferret, unfortunately after being rescued from neglect by a Good Samaritan, he was unable to win over his savior's female ferret and had to be relinquished to CFN to find a new place to call home. This guy is a lover and excels at finding really adorable positions to sleep with his legs spread out and his belly exposed. Opie is from Marshall Farms.

Opie was placed in 2002, but was then returned because his owner was unwilling to pay for boarding her ferrets while out of town. He has since found a home.

Name: Zuni Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: June 14, 2004
Placed: August 30, 2004
Zuni is another stray form the Hillsboro area. She is a tiny thing that arrived with some hitching fleas that we soon got rid of. She is very playful and loves wrestling with the other ferrets even those twice her size. Zuni is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Brego sponsored Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: February 28, 2004
Placed: August 23, 2004
This pair (Brego arrived with Mr. Green Jeans) was a sorry sight when they arrived from being transported north from Roseburg by a shelter volunteer. Their former owners felt very guilty about their state, a result of a poor financial situation in addition to an incident of (human) procreation. Mr. GreenJeans had a tumor on his hind leg the texture and size of a can of Spam. It didn't smell like Spam though, it smelled MUCH worse and was leaking bloody fluid. Both were thin with poor muscle tone from being confined to a small cage. Both also had coarse, dry, dirty, sparse fur with bald patches indicating probable adrenal disease and a bad infestation of ear mites. Mr. Green Jeans and Brego had good attitudes though and dove into their food bowls with gusto. Mr. GreenJeans went to the vet the next day and we had to make a decision of removing his leg or euthanizing him. Given his age, it was not an easy choice, but lots of ferrets do great with 3 legs, so we decided to give him a chance (he's now scooting around and playing just fine). Brego has a funny looking face with a nose that is crooked. Brego needs adrenal surgery, but he likes other ferrets and can be placed in a new home with other ferret companions.

Brego found a home in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Name: Freddie Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: silver
Arrived: August 14, 2004
Claimed by owner: September, 2004
Freddie is a laid back hammock potato guy. He was found as a stray and was never claimed, but he loves taking life easy, laying on his back and drinking upside down from his water bottle. He is a bit on the portly side at almost 3 pounds, but could probably slim down with the perfect human or ferret playmate. Freddie is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Scrumpy Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: albino
Arrived: July 22, 2004
Placed: August 14, 2004
Scrumpy was found in poor condition when he wandered through the open apartment door of an animal lover and former ferret owner. He was thin with coarse thin fur. Scrumpy has put on a significant amount of weight since his arrival and is looking and acting much happier. He appears to get along fine with other ferrets. Scrumpy is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Rhubarb Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: June 13, 2004
Placed: August 7, 2004
Rhubarb is a chubby sprite that was found as a stray in Vancouver and has never been claimed. She gets along fine with other ferrets and seems to have a sweet personality. Rhubarb is from Marshall Farms.

Rhubarb was placed with Ladybird.

Name: Ladybird Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: silver mitt
Arrived: July 17, 2004
Placed: August 7, 2004
Ladybird was dumped at the Portland Audubon Society's Wildlife Care Center and almost escaped the box she was left in, but luckily an employee returned to the center that evening and prevented her breakout. It is hard to understand why Ladybird was unwanted, she is simply adorable with bright white mitts next to black legs with a white bib and black nose. She has a gorgeous coat, but is currently being treated for ear mites. Ladybird is very gentle and gets along with other ferrets, and as Hank Hill would say, "I tell ya' what, she'd make a great addition to any family." Ladybird is from Marshall Farms.

Ladybird went home with Rhubarb.

Name: Basil Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable
Arrived: June 10, 2004
Placed: July 30, 2004
Poor Basil was found by a Safeway employee in the garbage in SE Portland. They said they didn't think he could have gotten into the container by himself, but I doubt they are aware of what ferrets are capable of. I prefer to think he got into the garbage on his own while on an outdoor adventure rather than being placed there on purpose by a human. He had some fleas and was a bit thin, but was no worse off from the experience. If he wasn't abandoned by his owner, they have failed to claim him, so he is now up for adoption into a better home. He is a beautiful sable boy with a great personality and an amazing ability to jump pogo style straight into the air. He gets along great with other ferrets. Basil is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Souki Sex: F Age: 8 months Color: cinnamon
Arrived: July 7, 2004
Placed: July 17, 2004
This adorable sprite was found as a stray covered with fleas. Souki is at that age when ferrets are the happiest with the world and enjoy everything. She was adopted in short order and went to a devoted ferret home to be the playmate of two other ferrets adopted through CFN.
Name: Hermione sponsored Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: silver
Arrived: May, 2002
Placed: July 14, 2004
Hermione was found running across the road near a wildlife area, and was probably dumped by an irresponsible owner. She was lucky that she was seen by a caring person, who stopped and rescued her. Hermione has a swollen vulva and is scheduled for adrenal surgery soon. She is a super sweet girl with humans and other ferrets, is a stunning light silver color, and is sharp as a tack. Hermione is from Triple F.

Hermione was placed in the shelter coordinator's home where she has assumed the position of ringleader and chief trouble maker.

Name: Tandoori Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: albino
Arrived: 2001
Placed: July 14, 2004
The owners of Tandoorie and Tamarind were glad that we could come out and pick them up before they moved, since they were going to have to "let them go" otherwise. We were relieved they contacted us before that happened. Tandoori is a stunning albino and is very active, but can get a little rough when playing. He gets along with other ferrets who can handle his rough housing. Tandoorie is from Marshall Farms.

Tandoori was placed in a home with Pretzel. We were thrilled to have this pair of long time hard-to-place shelter ferrets find a new home with someone that came all the way from Arizona to adopt them. Lucky boys!

Name: Oreo Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: silver
Name: Pretzel Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: silver
Arrived: 2002
Placed: July 14, 2004
This silvery duo is very attractive: one has a very yellowish undercoat (Pretzel) and the other has a very white undercoat and a black nose. The former owners of Oreo and Pretzel were going to "let them go in the woods", but luckily a good Samaritan stepped in and rescued them from that fate. She researched their care and was trying to do the right thing, but found that ferrets were not really compatible with her lifestyle: Oreo and Pretzel seem to be bothered by loud noises and she has a small noisy child. They are both from Marshall Farms.

Oreo's health crashed around mid March, 2004, and he passed away soon after. The cause of Oreo's death is undetermined. All of us at the shelter and his foster parents miss this gentle, playful little man.

Pretzel found a new home with Tandoori all the way down in Arizona!

Name: Bijou Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Arrived: June 7, 2004
Placed: July 4, 2004
Bijou means a small dainty, delicate, highly prized ornament or jewel and that's certainly what she is: one of those sweet, sensitive, quiet types. She is a very pretty sable and gets along fine with the rowdy group of ferrets she arrived with. She was turned in to Bonnie Hayes Small Animal Shelter as a stray, but the people that brought her in refuse to give any information on when and where she was found. Bijou is from Marshall Farms.

Bijou joined Tamarind and Sienna in her new home.

Name: Tamarind Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
Placed: July, 2003, Returned: June, 2004
Placed: July 3, 2004
The owners of Tamarind and Tandoorie were glad that we could come out and pick them up before they moved, since they were going to have to "let them go" otherwise. We were relieved they contacted us before that happened. Tamarind is a cute little sable who has a gentle disposition and is from Marshall Farms.

Through no fault of her own Tamarind has returned to the CFN and is ready to charm the socks off of any one smart enough to snatch her up.

Tamarind joined Bijou and Sienna in her new home.

Name: Amber Sex: F Age: 5 months Color: cinnamon
Arrived: May 29, 2004
Placed: July 2, 2004
Amber is an adorable and very active and playful girl who gets along with other ferrets. Amber is from Marshall Farms. Amber found a home with Sheba.
Name: Sheba Sex: F Age: < 1 year Color: cinnamon
Arrived: June 7, 2004
Placed: July 2, 2004
Sheba was found as a stray wondering Noble Park in Hillsboro and was turned in to the Bonnie Hayes Small Animal Shelter. Sheba is a little ball of energy. She is constantly alert to what is happening around her and MUST be a part of it. She is very young and very pudgy. She is a bit free with putting her mouth on skin and has made the volunteers yelp and jump by going after their feet, so she may be a handful for a first time owner. Sheba gets along great with other ferrets. She doesn't have any tattoos and looks like she is probably from a local breeder. Sheba was placed with Amber.
Name: Jack Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: sable
Name: Jill Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: silver mitt
Placed: June 2001, Returned: June 11, 2004
Placed: June 24 2004
They don't get any sweeter than this! Pretty, plump, and pleasant personalities. It's sure not their fault they have been owned by two different families in their short lives. Jack and Jill get along with cats and other ferrets and have been handled by kids. Other than having ear mites these two are a practically perfect pair. Jack and Jill are from Marshall Farms.

Jack and Jill returned because son going to college and family moving, but the family helped CFN by making a generous donation. Jack and Jill weren't here for long before caring family snatched them up.

Name: Wallace Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: sable
Name: Grommet Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: sable
Arrived: November 2, 2003
Placed: June 12, 2004
Wallace and Grommet are a wonderful pair of happy go lucky boys that would be great for first time ferret owners. They love to play with people and other ferrets and are gentle. In addition, Wallace and Grommet are good about using the litterpan. They are both from Marshall Farms and were purchased at Petco for a teenager who neglected to give them proper care and attention (a depressingly common occurrence).
Name: Dr. Peanut sponsored Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2000
Died: June 20, 2004
Professor Bobo and Dr. Peanut arrived together and are very affectionate and friendly. These boys were covered in fleas, probably because they were kept outside with no cover, and a single hammock with a large hole in it as their only bedding. These boys are very sweet!

Bobo had quite a few health issues, and had insulinoma and adrenal surgery in September, and the results from his biopsies revealed early stages of lymphoma. Bobo died in late September, 2000.

Peanut loves other ferrets and he loves people (and gives kisses), and we're certain he'll fit in great with any ferret family. He is a gentle ferret (both with people and other ferret), but is also willing to kick up his heals and dance with his playmates.

Peanut died in June from unknown causes. His cage mates and shelter friends miss him.

Name: Pekoe Sex: F Age: ~3 years Color: sable
Arrived: June 1, 2004
Died: June 19, 2004
Pekoe is a friendly sprite with adrenal disease, and she will undergo surgery soon. Pekoe is from Marshall Farms.

Pekoe died unexpectedly and for unknown reasons shortly after her surgery. This week has been exceptionally bad in that the shelter coordinator lost her pet ferret Thistle, then shelter ferrets Toco (fostered), Pekoe and Peanut, and her pet (and former shelter ferret) Neve'.

Name: Toco sponsored Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
Died: June 17, 2004
Toco is looking for a new home. His owner is keeping him as long as possible, but cannot keep him much longer. Toco was neutered and descented after he was mature and is originally from the Eugene area. His owner says he is very mischievous and playful and prefers human company over ferrets, but he does like to play with the cat he is currently living with. Toco is sensitive and it takes him awhile to warm up to new people. Although he is normally a sweetheart, he may "test" new people with a nip or two before he feels comfortable with them, so we would prefer to see him placed in an experienced home. He is responsive to training and knows his name and how to walk well on a harness and leash. Toco is current on all his vaccines and has been a spoiled "only child" for several years.

Update: Toko has calmed down over the past several months, and is now a very sweet and affectionate boy who wants nothing more than lots of human attention. He follows us around like a little puppy dog and looks up at us with his big expressive eyes.

Toco passed away this summer after a long and valiant fight against cancer. His foster parents miss him, and we miss his happy attitude and courage.

Name: Sienna Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: April 30, 2004
Placed: June 5, 2004
Sienna is a beautiful chestnut color. She was found playing in the sprinklers in someone's backyard and was never claimed by her owner. She is a good eater and loves playing with balls and people, although she does like to use her mouth more enthusiastically than an inexperienced ferret person might feel comfortable with -- but she is very gentle. She seems intimidated by other ferrets and has not allowed any potential ferret companions to play with her yet. Sienna is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Cinderella Sex: F Age: 4 months Color: dark sable
Arrived: December 21, 2003
Placed: May, 2004
This little sprite is adorable, but what ferret isn't at her age? She is very dark with a black nose and lots of attitude. Cinderella's cuteness didn't help her find a loving home though. It looks like she got a poor start in life, ending up living in a barn with her second owner before she came here -- very sad. Cinderella is from Marshall Farms.

Cinderalla loves to play with ferrets and people, but she's a real go getter and can play a little rough for some people's tastes.

Name: Roxie Sex: F Age: ~4 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
This girl came all the way from Cottage Grove after being found by a fisherman as she wondered a rocky riverbank in the woods. Roxie's rescuer realized she was starving and wouldn't last much longer if she was helped, so he brought her home to feed her and try to find her owner. No one claimed her and the couple that saved her were unable to keep her, so she was transported to Portland to start a new life.

Dear little Roxie passed away in her foster mothers arms on the night of May 22, 2004.

Name: Tilde Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: 2001
Tilde is a tiny wisp of a girl but still has plenty of bounce and is affectionate. Tilde is homeless because her former owners used moving as an excuse to dump her. She seems to accept other ferrets as playmates. Tilde is from Marshall Farms.

Tilde succumbed May 20th to a long battle with insulinoma and bowel issues. Her foster mother misses her as do all those who knew her at the central facility.

Name: Galen Sex: M Age: 7 years Color: sable
Name: Makala Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: silver mitt
Arrived: January 9, 2003
This pair was left at a pet store in Astoria because their owners were moving. Galen is unneutered, has cataracts, and possibly glaucoma. He may also have insulinoma, he is being evaluated for surgery. Makala is beautiful and full of spunk. The hand written note that came with them said they were good with kids and Makala likes playing with other ferrets. Makala has what looks like a "T" tattoo in her ear, this may mean she is from Two Pole Pumpkin.

Galen died in early February, 2003.

Makala was suffering from several serious health issues which we were unable to diagnois or treat and she died on May 15, 2004.

Name: Isis Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: albino
Arrived: April, 2004
Placed: May 4, 2004
Isis has been owned by the same family since she was a baby, but they do not have time to get her out to play. She is very sweet and adorable and has been around young kids. Isis is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Cecil sponsored Sex: M Age: 5 years Color: dark-eyed white
Arrived: February 29, 2004
Placed: April 30, 2004
Cecil is adorable and has had a very good life after being adopted from a shelter in Las Vegas 4 years ago. He had ferret companions until recently and an owner that has given him excellent vet care including surgery for adrenal disease, foreign body removal, and to remove a tumor from the end of his tail. Unfortunately Cecil's owner decided his living arrangements would not permit him to keep Cecil any longer. Cecil's owner is trying to do what he can to help Cecil be happy and well cared for by sponsoring him and making monthly donations to help pay for his care. Cecil has lived around cats and gets along with other ferrets. Cecil has no tattoos.
Name: Penelope Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: December 5, 2003
Penelope was found in a garage where they thought she must have been for about week. Physically she appears to have survived the experience just fine and she is the one of the most kissy ferrets we've seen in a long time, but no one has claimed her. She looks a bit scruffy since she is shedding and her lower left canine juts out a bit, but that just makes her all the more adorable. Penelope doesn't appear to like other ferrets initially, but would love to be an only spoiled ferret. Penelope is from Marshall Farms.

Update (February 2004): Penelope is showing the first signs of adrenal disease. Surgery will be done, but the vet feels we should wait to make sure he will be able to tell which gland is affected. This puts Penelope in a bit of a limbo land until the surgery has been performed.

Sweet little Penelope died on April 18 2004, shortly after her adrenal surgery. We all miss her dearly.

Name: Opal Sex: F Age: 4.5 years Color: albino
Arrived: February 13, 2003
What a tiny little gem! Opal has a very gentle disposition and likes to explore everything new around her. She gets along with most other ferrets and has time for kitties too, if they are nice to her. Found as a stray, her weight and coat are both improving rapidly to quality food. she is a great snuggler, and is generous with kisses. What more could you ask for? Opal doesn't have any tattoos, so we do not her origin.

Opal died quietly in her foster mother's arms on April 16, 2004.

Name: Nemo Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: cinnamon
Arrived: March 12, 2004
Placed: April 15, 2004
Nemo has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. He also has a big appetite, putting on 200 grams since he arrived. Nemo was turned in to the Southwest Washington Humane Society as a stray. He gets along well with other ferrets and loves playing with people. Nemo is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Zute Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Arrived: March 9, 2004
Placed: April, 2004
Zute is as sweet as she is chubby. She has cute freckles on her nose and loves playing with people, but isn't too sure about other ferrets. She was found wondering in Vancouver. Zute is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Dexter Sex: M Age: 6 months Color: silver mitt
Arrived: March 28, 2004
Placed: April 14, 2004
Dexter's owner was unable to take him when he was transferred to another state by his employer. Dexter has been well socialized and has very good manners. He has been around cats, dogs and other animals. Dexter is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Pearl Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: silver
Name: Buck Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: 2002
Pearl and Buck were purchased as kits to be friends for Willow and Linden. They ended up in a shelter when their teen aged owner began ignoring them and the parent got tired of taking care of them. Pearl and Buck arrived with very poor quality coats with patches of fur missing. A heavy infestation of fleas and ear mites and a poor quality diet were probably to blame, since they are growing in nice new soft coats now. Buck had a narrow escape from death in his past: he escaped and ended up stuck under the house for 3 weeks before someone found him near death. He survived, but seems to have sustained some kind of damage to his personality and bites hard for no apparent reason. We were told Buck did not behave that way before this episode. Both Pearl and Buck have a green tattoo in their ear that we have seen before, but don't know what it signifies.

Pearl died of kidney failure in January 2004. She was doing really well in her foster home after a long (and still ongoing) battle with health issues, but she crashed quite suddenly.

Buck died on April 4, 2004 of cancer. Although Buck was always a handful, and a hard biter, the shelter staff will miss his antics and youthful spirit.

Name: Meeko sponsored Sex: F Age: 5 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
Meeko is a sweet gal that came from a good home. Tragically, her owner has become incapacitated by a health condition and is no longer capable of taking care of her. Meeko seems in very good condition for a ferret her age and enjoys playing with people, but not other ferrets. Meeko is from Marshall Farms.

Meeko died from heart disease on March 27, 2004. Her foster mother misses her very much.

Name: Prairie sponsored Sex: F Age: 4.5 years Color: cinnamon
Name: Gus sponsored Sex: M Age: 4.5 years Color: silver mitt
Arrived: 2001
Placed: March 16, 2004
The original owners of this sweet duo couldn't keep them because of allergies. Their second owner was only able to have them 6 months before she reluctantly came to the conclusion that she was currently unable to give them the quality of care they deserved after she found out that Prairie would need adrenal surgery. Prairie likes to ride on shoulders and they are both good with cats and dogs. Gus and Prairie are both from Marshall Farms.

The sweet oldsters had been at the shelter for so long that we thought they would remain here for the rest of their lives, despite being two of the sweetest and playful ferrets ever. But an experienced ferret family wanted an older pair of ferrets, and they and Prairie and Gus all got what they wanted (each other)!

Name: Captain Jack Sex: M Age: 2.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: January 5, 2004
Placed: March 6, 2004
Captain Jack arrived as a very strong smelling stray, he smelled so much like an unneutered male, I was sure I would find testicles when I looked, but he didn't have any. His odor inspired his name, since I imagine Captain Jack Sparrow was a bit rank smelling. Smelling like a hob when your a gib usually means adrenal disease. His odor along with thin fur between the shoulders and urination issues meant surgery would be in Captain Jack's immediate future. He had bilateral adrenal surgery recently and we are hoping he will become a sweeter smelling ferret in the future. Captain Jack is from Marshall Farms and gets along with other ferrets.
Name: Ringo sponsored Sex: M Age: 5 years Color: badger/blaze
Name: Martin sponsored Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: August 3, 2002
Ringo's and Martin's most recent owners rescued them from a situation of inadequate care 2 years ago. These boys have lived with other ferrets, are fine with cats and dogs. Ringo had adrenal surgery in 2002.

Sadly, Ringo passed away in September of 2003. He and Martin were a sweet pair, but suffered from ongoing intestinal and opther health issues.

Martin died from lymphoma on March 6, 2004. We and his playmates miss his loving presence.

Name: Daisy Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: dark-eyed white
Arrived: January 20, 2004
Placed: March 5, 2004
Daisy is a gorgeous stocky very white girl with beautiful dark eyes. She was turned in as a stray to Multnomah County Animal Control and was never claimed. Once her ear mites were taken care of we found that Daisy gets along well with other ferrets. Daisy has no tattoos to identify her origin.
Name: Took Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: silver mitt
Arrived: February 2, 2004
Placed: February 28, 2004
Took was found wondering near a busy road and rescued by someone passing by. When he arrived he was an insecure guy that would cling to humans and look very nervous about being at the shelter. Took arrived very thin, about the weight of a normal female, but he has filled out and is looking and acting more substantial. He recently had the opportunity to interact with other ferrets which he enjoys immensely. Took is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Bethwyn sponsored Sex: F Age: 4.5 years Color: chocolate siamese
Arrived: 2001
Died: February 20, 2004
Bethwyn is a beautiful warm chocolate brown color. She tolerates the company of other ferrets and seems to have a decent attitude. She is from a local breeder.

Beautiful Bethwyn was euthanized February 20th after she failed to respond to veterinary intervention for her severe anemia. She was found to be riddled with lymphoma. She will be dearly missed by her foster parent as well as her former play companion, Columbia.

Name: Jedadiah Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: sable
Arrived: January 15, 2004
Placed: February 6, 2004
Jedadiah's savior gets the Good Samaritan award of the month. He was found wondering on the west side of the steel bridge in downtown Portland, not a friendly place to be, by a bicycle messenger. The bicycle messenger found a card board box and transported Jedadiah back to his homebase balanced on the front of his bicycle where he reported that he had to leave for the day so he could transport the ferret home with him. Jedadiah ended up here safe and sound and is a very happy healthy boy. Jedadiah is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Pixie sponsored Sex: F Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Name: Dixie Sex: F Age: 3.5 years Color: silver mitt
Name: Trixie Sex: F Age: 3.5 years Color: dark eyed white
Arrived: 2001
Placed: February, 2004
This trio of girls is a joy a have around. Pixie is the matriarch of the group (we were told she was 11 years old, but seriously doubt that). Dixie is Miss Congeniality with the other ferrets, and Dixie swarms over humans whenever she gets the chance. Dixie is in obvious need of adrenal surgery having a swollen vulva and thin fur over her shoulders. Pixie and Trixie look in good shape, but we are evaluating Trixie for deafness. Dixie and Pixie are from Marshall Farms and Trixie is from Triple F.

Pixie had a number of health issues, but lived a full life her last few months with lots of attention and love. She peacefully died near the end of 2002 in the care of her foster mom, who misses her.

Dixie and Trixie were adopted by their foster mom.

Name: Magic Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Arrived: January 3, 2004
Placed: January 25, 2004
Magic is one of those adorable and sweet ferrets whom anybody who met her would love. And so it was that she was very quickly adopted and now has a loving home. Magic is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Penfold Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable mitt
Arrived: July 22, 2003
Placed: January 23, 2004
Penfold is named for the cartoon sidekick of Danger Mouse, a chubby near sighted hamster. Penfold is very stout and stocky with the cutest face imaginable. He was captured in a live trap intended for raccoons at an apartment complex near a large riparian park (probably thought to be the "perfect" place for his former owner to abandon him). Penfold was not neutered, which could have been a factor in why he was abandoned, since uneutered males are extremely pungent. He has been neutered, but is not descented. It will take him about a month to get rid of his hob BO and then he will smell just the same as ferrets that have been descented, believe it or not, but it is really really true. Penfold likes playing with other ferrets. Penfold is so cute we couldn't decide which of his photos to put on the adoption page, and so we used them all ("Crumbs!").
Name: Chula Sex: F Age: 2.5 years Color: sable
Name: Sniffles Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: dark-eyed white
Arrived: September 2, 2003
Placed: January 11, 2004
Chula is a beautiful chestnut color and Sniffles is a burly yellow bear. They were transported in a vehicle without air conditioning on a very hot afternoon and were in distress on arrival: Sniffles was panting and Chula was drooling and limp. A rental issue caused them to be surrendered to find a new home. The pair quickly recovered from the trauma of their trip and have been a joy to have around ever since. Sniffles and Chula have been around kids and dogs, but Sniffles doesn't like other ferrets. Chula is from Marshall Farms, but Sniffles does not have any tattoos to indicate his origin.
Name: Comet Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: albino
Arrived: December 24, 2003
Placed: January 11, 2004
Comet arrived on Christmas Eve from the humane society in Salem where he had been turn in as a stray and never claimed. He is a silly (very silly), fluffy, powder puff that loves to play gently with people and other ferrets. Comet is from Marshall Farms.
Name: Stoner Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: albino
Name: Lady Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: silver mitt
Arrived: August 29, 2003
Placed: January 10, 2004
Stoner and Lady arrived because of a move. The owner talked about them as if they were spoiled pets, but their living quarters were a shock when they arrived. Lady's cage was almost completely empty except for caked on feces ("she never uses the litterpan") and a small rag on the wire floor ("she won't use a hammock"). Well after setting up her cage properly, both Lady and Stoner are 100% with the litterpan from day one and Lady is frequently seen lounging in her cozy hammock. The rambunctious duo have been around kids, dogs and cats. We think Lady may be deaf. Stoner and Lady are from Marshall Farms.

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