Ferrets Who Found Homes in 2007

The following are the ferrets who passed through the Cascade Ferret Network and found homes in 2007!

Name: Diego Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: chocolate

Arrived: January 23, 2007
Diego was abandoned on the porch of a Beaverton woman's home. She was totally surprised to find him there and had no idea where he came from other than some neighbors that had been moving out over the last week. Diego is showing the classic hair loss of adrenal disease, but seems to be in pretty good shape. He will need surgery to remove his left adrenal gland. Diego doesn't appear to be friendly to other ferrets.

Diego never recovered from undergoing bilateral adrenal surgery and he passed away on November 1, 2007. He was not responding to lupron and was having problems urinating, so we felt his best chance was to get the surgery, sadly, we were wrong.

Name: Oola Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: chocolate

Arrived: July 29, 2007
Placed: October 17, 2007
Not only was Oola in need of a new home because her previous owner no longer wanted her, but she also needed to find a new state in which to live, because her previous owner lived in California where ferrets are illegal as pets. Poor Oola had to travel all the way from Redding, CA to Portland, OR. She is a beautiful chestnut brown color and has a very short tail, which we do not know if she was born with it that way or if she had an accident or surgery that resulted in the short tail. Oola is very sweet and loves to play with balls by pushing them around with her nose. She will roll them toward a human and then wait for the human to roll it back past her so she can chase it. Oola likes other ferrets, and she has no tattoos so we do not know her origin.

Name: Tempest Sex: F Age: 8 months Color: sable
Name: Calaban Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 8 months Color: sable
Arrived: June 6, 2003

Tempest and Calaban arrived in a Medford pet store with problem personalities. Tempest tries to bite at every opportunity and Calaban reacts with an abnormal level of terror with everyday movements and procedures (like scruffing and ear cleaning) and defends himself by using his teeth. The pet store manager drove them all the way up to Portland to get them into rehab and hopefully give them a chance to eventually be adopted. They are still young and probably had little handling before arriving in the pet store, so we hope they will respond to their new surroundings quickly and improve. Tempest is aggressive with other females, but Calaban gets along with others. They do not need to be placed in the same home.

These two continue to live in a foster home where their biting is under control. They need to stay together because they have lived together for so long now that they have become bonded and because Tempest is not friendly to other ferrets. They are healthy and very active and playful.

Tempest passed away on December 23, 2006.

Calaban died at the end of October, 2007 after a long battle with mounting health issues, despite enormous amounts of TLC from his foster parent.

Name: Marvin Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: sable

Arrived: July 27, 2007
Adopted: October 20, 2007
Marvin was found as a stray in Kerbyville, a small town in southwestern Oregon. He was nicknamed "Starvin' Marvin" because he devoured a bowl of food after he was found. He was also very dehydrated and it took several days before his concerned foster parent saw him behaving like a normal ferret again. Now he enjoys romping with other ferrets. Marvin is from Marshall Farms.

Rapunzel and Marvin adopted by long-time CFN supporters from Renton, WA.

Name: Rapunzel Sex: F Age: 3 months Color: sable

Arrived: July 25, 2007
Adopted: October 20, 2007
Rapunzel is another victim of pet stores giving customers an unrealistic idea of what ferrets are going to be like as a pet. They are not a good pet for young kids and require a lot of supervision and are not good about using the litter-pan. All of these are reasons that Rapunzel was relegated to the garage with no out of cage time after being purchased from Petco a month before hand. Rapunzel is a sweet, active girl who plays well with people and other ferrets -- she is from Marshall Farms

Rapunzel and Marvin adopted by long-time CFN supporters from Renton, WA.

Name: Bilbo Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: sable

Arrived: July 20, 2006
Adopted: October 10, 2007
Bilbo Baggins was found cowering underneath a car in a parking lot. He looked pretty pathetic with an infestation of fleas, balding shoulders, and an abscess near his anal glands area. He was also loaded with ear mites. He was named after Bilbo Baggins because he looked like he had certainly been on some sort of adventure and a bit worse for the wear. Bilbo has put on quite a bit of weight and feels so much better now that he doesn't have vermin crawling all over his body sucking his blood and living in his ears. His abscess was rained and he was on antibiotics, which cleared things up beautifully. Now we need to address his adrenal disease issues. He was given an injection of lupron to give him an opportunity to get over his infection and get used to his new environment. Bilbo is from Marshall Farms.

Bilbo was adopted by his foster parent.

Name: Zest Special Needs Sponsored Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable mitt
Name: Zinc Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 2 to 3 years Color: silver
Arrived: 2001
Zest is a cute chubby girl with white mitts, bib, knee-pads, and a blaze on her forehead. Zinc is a lean pale silver boy who likes playing with other ferrets. Zest hasn't been very open to new ferret friendships. Zest and Zinc were given up for adoption because of a divorce. Zinc has had several owners already. He has a tattoo from an unfamiliar breeder in his right ear. Zest is from a local breeder and has been spayed and descented by her previous owner.

Zinc has been doing pretty well until the last several months. He is currently being medicated for inflammatory bowel disease, adrenal disease, insulinoma, and heart disease. In addition, for more than a year now, he has had a problem with a ruptured salivary duct that causes saliva to collect in his face. he is a trooper but we don't think he will be around for much longer. Zest on the other hand is doing splendidly. She is extremely plump and has a gorgeous coat and loves attention from people, but hates other ferrets.

Zinc passed away quietly on April 30, 2005. Zest, his foster parents and the CFN staff all miss his gentle spirit.

Zest died in October of 2007 from a debilitating heart condition, after a long life in the network, and her last years in the care of her loving foster parent. Zest has been at the top of the CFN adoption page for over a year, and everyone at CFN remembers and misses her.

Name: Zima Special Needs Sponsored Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: Dark eyed white
Arrived: 2001
Adopted: August, 2007
Died: August 13, 2007
Zima is an adorable little dark eyed white who loves to play gently with people and other ferrets. Zima is a talker, and you can hear her voice her opinions on everything as she happily chortles while walking about. This girl has a lot of personality and would work in well with any ferret family.

Zima died in August of 2007 after a long wondeful life being spoiled in her foster home. She had to deal with lymphoma at the end of her life and was adopted by her long-time foster parent before the end of her life.

Name: Chickadee Special Needs Sponsored Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: silver
Name: Sophie Special Needs Sponsored Sex: F Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: July 16, 2002
Adopted: August 20, 2007
These girls are well mannered and frisky! Chickadee loves to snuggle while Sophie excels in giving kisses. They were both owned by the same person since kits and were relinquished because of rental issues. They have been around cats but prefer other ferrets for company. As a bonded pair, they would be a good choice for first-time ferret owners. Both are from Marshall Farms.

Chickadee had surgery for adrenal disease in May 2004. Both recently started being used as ambassador ferrets at Petsmart adoption sessions. They currently prefer the company of each other to the company of other ferrets.

Chickadee passed away in her foster home during October of 2005 -- she is very missed!

Sophie was adopted in AUgust of 2007 by her long time foster parent.

Name: QT Sex: F Age: 4.5 years Color: sable
Name: Sweetie Special Needs Sponsored Sex: F Age: 4.5 years Color: sable

Arrived: July 27, 2006
Adopted: August 7, 2007
This pair of sable sprites arrived at CFN when they were only 3 months old, adorable, and highly adoptable. They arrived with the names Ben and Jerry -- don't ask us how a pair of girls ended up with names like that. The pair were quickly adopted by a lucky family that to our horror ended up dumping them 4 years later at another shelter without even contacting CFN. Sweetie was close to death and needed surgery to remove two hairballs from her stomach, QT needs adrenal surgery. CFN goes to a lot of work to screen the people that adopt from us, going over all the issues that make ferrets difficult pets: litter-box issues, vet costs, supervision issues, etc. We ask anyone that adopts from CFN to promise to bring the ferrets back to us if they cannot provide the level of care they require (in fact they must sign a legally binding contract stating they will do so). CFN provides support to those that have adopted by being available to help with advice via email or over the phone. CFN sends our quarterly newsletter free of charge to those that adopt from us so they can keep up on current ferret issues and know that we are still here for them and so they have our current contact information. After keeping these sweet girls through the best years of their lives, the Ritter family rewarded them by dumping them after they got to an age where they required expensive vet care and had no chance of being adopted into a new home. They are now very happy and lucky to be in a foster home where they will be spoiled for their remaining years. Sweetie is recovering from her surgery and QT will be scheduled for surgery in the future.

QT passed away on December 29, 2006.

Sweetie was adopted in August of 2007 after meeting her new owners at Awareness Day.

Name: Candy Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: albino
Name: Truffle Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
These two girls were taken from a situation of neglect and turned over to CFN to find a new home. Candy is a stubby little thing, cute as a button. Truffle makes a nice dark contrast next to Candy and they both love to play with people and other ferrets. Truffle is from Marshall Farms. Candy is from a local breeder and has not been descented.

Candy and Truffle are living in the same foster home they went to soon after their arrival and are doing well.

Candy died in her sleep on August 2, 2006 while in her foster home with Truffle. Truffle is getting extra attention from her foster parents.

Truffle died in the summer of 2007, a year after her friend.

Name: Feris Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: albino

Ferris is a one year old albino ferret that needs to find a new home because her owner can no longer make the time to give her the attention she needs. Ferris is staying with her owner while CFN screens potential new owners. Like all ferrets Ferris has a big personality loves to play and be chased, hide small objects (food, shoes, socks..) and explore. She has lived with cats and dogs and likes playing and cuddling up with them. She also loves to join people in the shower.

Name: Willamina Sex: F Age: 3 months Color: sable
Arrived: May 10, 2007
Placed: July 22, 2007
Willamina was given to a friend when her owner moved to Florida. Why he acquired a ferret immediately before this transition is a mystery. The father if the friend was unwilling to let his daughter have the ferrets since she was a single mother with two young kids and two dogs. Not surprisingly, she is adorable and very playful. Willamina is from Marshall Farms.

Name: Boo Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: sable
Arrived: December 29, 2005
Placed: January 19, 2006
Returned: April, 2007
Placed: July 22, 2007
Boo was acquired from a pet store by her former owner 3 years ago. She needs to find a new home because the owner is moving to Hawaii.

Like Elliot, Boo was returned because his owner developed allergies.

Name: Teddy Incoming Sponsored Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable
Name: Tasha Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: dark-eyed white
Arrived: April 4, 2007
Placed: July, 2007
This pair was found as strays in Redding, CA and were transported out of CA and up to CFN to find new homes. Teddy and Tasha are both ferret friendly and their foster parent describes them as "jewels" who are well-socialized, and climb into laps to give kisses after a good romp. Tasha especially has personality plus: she likes to jump up your legs to get your attention and if she finds you sitting down or if you crouch down for her, she'll run up your back and sit on your head. Neither has any tattoos.
Name: Sly Incoming Sponsored Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: sable

Arrived: November 24, 2006
Placed: May 28, 2007
Sly's full name is Sly Weebowls. He was purchased as a kit from a pet store in Colorado Springs before moving with his owners to Omak, WA. He was much loved, but his young owners were in a bind and had to move back in with their parents who lived in CA where ferrets are illegal, so on Thanksgiving weekend Sly came to CFN to find a new home. He has been a good playmate with a kitten, is usually very gentle and is full of kisses. Sly will play with great enthusiasm, and can overwhelm timid ferrets. Sly doesn't have any tattoos, so we don't know his origin.

Sly found a home with his cage mate, Slinky.

Name: Slinky Incoming Sponsored Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: cinnamon

Arrived: June 19, 2006
Placed: May 28, 2007
Slinky needs to find a new home because her teen aged owner made a poor decision to move out and into a bad situation that put her pet ferrets at risk, and while she got herself out of the situation, she was unable to take the ferrets with her. Slinky has been living with Mister and Minnie Me, but can be placed in a new home with another ferret companion, because she loves to play with ferret friends. Slinky has a lot of personality, and can become quite vocal if she doesn't get her way. Slinky is from Path Valley.

Slinky found a home with his cage mate, Sly.

Name: Boomer Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Name: Mindy Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Arrived: July 10, 2003
Placed: May 15, 2007
These girls arrived with three additional cage-mates that have since been adopted. The five were reluctantly given up to prevent eviction of their owner. They have been very pampered and were used to the good life. This duo has lots of energy and enjoys their play-times. They especially make a mess with any container of water. Boomer, and Mindy seem to get along with other ferrets, but Boomer has a habit of interacting with human wrists and exposed skin in a negative way. They were all purchased from Petco and are from Marshall Farms.

Status update, January 2006: while Mindy gets along well with other ferrets, Boomer does not -- in fact other than Mindy, Boomer will attack any ferret she encounters. But what a delight it has been living with these two girls. They love to play with one another, and they really want to interract with their people. Yes, yes, Boomer likes to bite hard (really hard, and often) as part of her play time, and Mindy occassionaly joins in, but they are so happy and full of energy that it makes you smile or laugh just to be around them. Boomer especially loves to jump into the shower with people, and usually she doesn't bite the tempting wet naked flesh... usually. Imagine Bucky Cat from "Get Fuzzy", only as a ferret (ironic as that may be), and you have Boomer. Mindy is a little more like Satchel.

Status update May 15, 2007: these two girls managed to work their way into the heart of their foster parents, and when it was realized that they were over six years old, and had spent half of their lives as shelter ferrets, we decided enough was enough and promptly adopted them. As best we can tell, Boomer and Mindy long ago felt this was a foregone conclusion.

Name: Raccoon Sex: F Age: 5 months Color: sable

Listed: April, 2007
Referred to new home: May 9, 2007
Raccoon is about 5 months old. She was returned to the Scamp's pet store in Salem and taken home by an employee that had a ferret that needed a friend. Unfortunately, Raccoon ended up being too much for the older ferret and he wasn't enjoying her company, so the owner is trying to place her into a new home and CFN offered to help her find a responsible new home. Raccoon is sweet and full of energy, but is a little nippy, which is not unusual with ferrets from Triple F Farms.

Name: Godiva Incoming Sponsored Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: sable

Arrived: September 9, 2006
Placed: May 1, 2007
Godiva was a stray with fleas found in the Clackamas area and turned in the CFN. No one claimed this sweetheart so now she is looking for a new forever home. Godiva is a petite reddish brown sable. She's very much like a little kid, playful and happy, and very gentle. She is really good at using her litter box. She seems to really enjoy the company of other ferrets. Godiva is from Marshall Farms.

Godiva was adopted by her foster parent.

Name: Dylan Incoming Sponsored Sex: M Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Name: Harley Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 3.5 years Color: cinnamon

Arrived: November 30, 2006
Placed: May 1, 2007
This pair of sweethearts have been through at least three homes. Their most recent home had them for 3 months and tried to get Dylan and Harley into better shape (they arrived very thin with coarse coats), and got them started on a better quality food, read up on how to care for ferrets, but they couldn't deal with the strong odor of the pair. Once they arrived at CFN it was clear the odor problem was caused by Harley, who is exhibiting symptoms of adrenal disease: very thin fur and a very strong smell. He will be getting surgery soon, but we want to get some more weight on him first. The pair is very happy to be rid of the fleas and ear mites they arrived with and are having a great time playing with the other ferrets. Dylan is very good at climbing and finding ferret proofing weak spots. Dylan and Harley are from Marshall Farms.

These two guys were adopted by their foster parents.

Name: Miranda Special Needs Sponsored Sex: F Age: 9 years Color: chocolate

Arrived: November 24, 2006
Died: May 15, 2007
Miranda was barely alive when she was brought in just before Christmas by her owner to be euthanized. She was a skeleton with fur, her body was contorted into a knot, and she only weighed 10 ounces. Miranda was 9 years old and had been with her current owner for 6 years after she acquired her from a vet clinic in Alaska. The owner relinquished ownership to CFN and the rehabilitation procedure began with fluids, hand feeding and antibiotics. Miranda had extremely low blood sugar so she was put on medication to raise her glucose. A month later, Miranda does not look like a skeleton any longer, she now weighs 1 pound 2 ounces. Her blood sugar is up and she devours her special diet. She has a hard time getting around though and may have brain damage from her poor condition and low blood sugar.

Despite lots of care, love, and attention, Miranda's health continued to decline, and she had increasing difficulties in just standing, drinking or eating. Miranda was helped over the Rainbow Bridge in Mid May of 2007, and as one of her foster parents who helped care for her, I can honestly say she is greatly missed. No matter how tough things got, she never gave up.

Name: Sidney Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: cinnamon

Listed: October 13, 2006
Homed: March, 2007
Sidney needs to find a new because her owner admits she purchased her on an impulse without fully considering the commitment she was making and she now realizes she isn't able to provide Sidney with the level of attention she requires. Sidney is a cinnamon female about 2 years old and is from Marshall Farms. Sidney is staying with her owner until a new home can be found. She has lived with cats and enjoys playing with a kitten that was recently added to the household. Sidney has never been vaccinated. She lives in the area of Wilsonville, OR. Sidney comes with a single level cage with accessories.

Name: Irish Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: sable
Arrived: July 14, 2005
Irish was turned in to an emergency veterinary clinic after she was found wondering the streets of SE Portland with a huge ugly mass growing on her left shoulder. After no one claimed her, she was turned over to CFN. Irish has had the horrible looking mass surgically removed along with a dentistry and is now recovering in a foster home. She seems very sweet, but we haven't really gotten a chance to know her personality yet. Irish is from Marshall Farms.

This sweet girl passed away early on the morning of March 4, 2007.

Name: Possum Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 2.5 years Color: dark eyed white
Name: Tipper Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: albino
Arrived: 2000
These two boys make a good looking pair. They are the same color and almost the same size, but Tipper is an albino and Possum is a dark-eyed white. They just finished shedding and have nice soft coats. They came all the way from California and have a good life up to this point and would like to continue their good fortune in a new loving home. They like playing with other ferrets, but apparently aren't fond of cats. Tipper is from Marshall Farms, Possum does not sport any tattoos to give a clue to origin, but he had been neutered and descented before he was purchased from a pet store in Nevada.

Tipper was euthanized in June 2003 after struggling a long time with an untreatable brain tumor never identified in a ferret before.

Possum passed away on January 30, 2007 -- he is dearly missed!

Latest update for Possum.

Name: Peaches Sex: F Age: 6 years Color: cinnamon

Listed: December 17, 2006
Placed: January 15, 2007
Peaches is a beautiful, healthy 6 year old sprite that moved all the way from Texas to Oregon when her 2nd owner couldn't keep her any longer. Three years after the move Peach's 3rd owner (who brought her to Oregon) is moving to a new apartment that will not let her have a ferret. Peaches has done fine around cats and kids and she has a very loving and sweet personality. She comes with a 3 unit expandable Quality Cage Company cage that has been powdercoated.

Name: Stewart Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: chocolate

Arrived: December 30, 2006
Died: January 14, 2007
Stewart was brought into the vet to be euthanized. He was very thin and the owners had no money to try to find out what was wrong with him. CFN felt that it wasn't fair to sentence such a young ferret to death without trying to help him, so Stewart was relinquished to the shelter. Dr. Ramsell took on his case and tried to help him, but he did not respond to the treatments she tried and from his symptoms she thought he might have a new disease, similar to FIP in cats. Despite all she did for him Stewart died not long after his arrival. We were able to verify that he did indeed have the new disease, in fact, his tissues have had the best examples seen so far of what this disease does to the body, so he will be very important to researchers trying to learn about this new threat to ferret health.

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