Ferrets Who Found Homes in 2008

The following are the ferrets who passed through the Cascade Ferret Network and found homes in 2008!

Name: Dylan Incoming Sponsored Sex: M Age: 3.5 years Color: sable
Name: Harley Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: cinnamon

Arrived: November 30, 2006
Placed: May 1, 2007
Returned: November 1, 2007 (ages are relative to this date)
Placed: December 6, 2008

This pair of sweethearts have been through at least three homes. Their most recent home had them for 3 months and tried to get Dylan and Harley into better shape (they arrived very thin with coarse coats), and got them started on a better quality food, read up on how to care for ferrets, but they couldn't deal with the strong odor of the pair. Once they arrived at CFN it was clear the odor problem was caused by Harley, who is exhibiting symptoms of adrenal disease: very thin fur and a very strong smell. He will be getting surgery soon, but we want to get some more weight on him first. The pair is very happy to be rid of the fleas and ear mites they arrived with and are having a great time playing with the other ferrets. Dylan is very good at climbing and finding ferret proofing weak spots. Dylan and Harley are from Marshall Farms.

Harley and Dylan originally arrived at CFN in November 2006 and were adopted by their foster parent in May, 2007 and returned in November 2007 because the family can not afford the vet care they need.

Earlier in 2007 Harley had adrenal surgery and also had two huge hairballs removed from his stomach, and is now fluffy and chubby again.

Harley passed away in September of 2008, leaving behind his best buddy, Dylan, and his devoted foster parent.

Dylan was adopted in December of 2008 to be a buddy of an older ferret -- way to go Dylan!

Name: Penny Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: sable

Arrived: February 16, 2006
Died: November 29, 2008
Penny was rescued by Good Samaritan 2 months ago,and after they could not find her a new home they contacted CFN. Penny is from Marshall Farms.

Poor little Penny was euthanized on November 29 after becoming septic from a bacterial infection. Her foster parents miss her.

Name: Millie Sex: F Age: 6 years Color: sable

Arrived: November 1, 2007
Died: November, 2008
Millie was owned by the same person that owned Ajax and adopted Dylan and Harley. She sadly could not afford to provide them with the vet care they need and she also had her own health issues that prevented her from continuing to care for them. Alas poor Millie had too many serious health conditions from which she did not recover.

Millie was surrendered on Mothers' Day, 2008, along with three others, because the owner couldn't afford vet care: she had health issues herself and couldn't deal with the illnesses of three of the four ferrets. When she was very young Millie was stepped on and had to live with a pin in her leg and a limp for the rest of her life. It didn't dampen her love of people, and she freely gave kisses in return for a bit of a treat. She was a tiny thing, loved her cuddles with her cagemates. Unfortunately, she developed adrenal disease and lymphoma, and only lived until November7. She is fondly remembered and greatly missed.

Name: Merlin Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: albino

Arrived: December 15, 2007
Died: November, 2008
Merlin was a much loved ferret that had been found as a stray a year before by his current owners. Unfortunately Merlin was very sick and his owners were unable to provide him with essential vet care. Without extensive medical intervention, Merlin would have died, so they turned him over to CFN. Merlin was obviously jaundiced which indicates liver problems. He was also severely dehydrated and emaciated. We started him on subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, and hand feeding. Later we had to add some other mediations to deal with digestive system issues. It took a lot of TLC from his experienced foster parent to get him back on the right tract. Merlin's former owners have called several times to get updates on his status. Merlin is now stable and is wrestling and playing with the other ferrets in his foster home.

Merlin's death in November was a horrible shock to his foster parent -- he suddenly had a relapse of the health issues that had plagued him in the past, and this time he did not recover.

Name: Bambino Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: blaze

Arrived: April 6, 2008
Placed: November 1, 2008
This cutie was found wondering in a rural part of Gresham and walked up to the home of a family that didn't know what to do with him. An acquaintance of the family that found him knew a ferret fanatic who contacted CFN. We are still getting to know Bambino's personality, but he loves chasing balls.

Bambino, aka Bamboozle, left a big hole in his foster parents' home and hearts (not to mention his ferret playmates) when he was adopted in November of 2008.

Name: Buttons Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable
Name: Bo Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: champagne panda

Arrived: March 23, 2008
Placed: November, 2008
Buttons and Bo started a better life on Easter when they were picked from Humboldt CA by a CFN foster parent in southern Oregon. The Sheiff's department called CFN after the pair had been confiscated along with a laundry list of reptiles including rattlesnakes and a monitor lizard from a house where the power had been turned off. There was no heat and the reptiles barely survived. Buttons and Bo had a dead cagemate when found and were quite skinny themselves, but you can't tell that now. They could make good ambassadors, both are very friendly and gentle with amazingly soft fur and Bo just melts when you pick him up. Bo's foster caretaker thinks he might be deaf which is not unusual in ferrets with a white stripe on the top of the head. Both are from Marshall Farms.

Buttons and Bo were adopted by a long time CFN foster parent.

Name: MacGyver Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable

Arrived: June 30, 2006
Placed: October 7, 2006
Returned: May, 2008
MacGyver was a stray who unfortunately got found by a border collie that shook him violently three times before he could be rescued. He survived his ordeal and was turned over to the Bonnie Hayes Animal Shelter, but no one claimed this sweet guy, and so he came to CFN where he is now playing with other ferrets and enjoying himself while he waits to find a new home. MacGyver is from Marshall Farms.

MacGyver found a home with his buddy, Legolas, but after a couple of years this wonderful pair was returned to CFN. MacGyver was subsequently scooped up and adopted into a loving ferret home to be the companion of a middle-aged ferret.

Name: Barnaby Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Name: Bartholomew Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
Died: June, 2007 & October, 2008
These handsome twin boys are a delight to watch romping with their ferret buddies. We don't know much about them, but they appear to be healthy and well adjusted despite being "gotten rid of" by their former owners. Barnaby and Bartholomew are both from Marshall Farms. Barnaby was named after Melissa Taylor's cartoon strip ferret, Barnaby A. Ferret.

Bartholomew died toward the end of June 2007 after months of chemotherapy for lymphoma. Barnaby and his foster parents miss him.

Barnaby was very lucky, but he finally crossed the rainbow bridge in October of 2008 after a long battle with many health issues. He would never have had as many years with us if it hadn't been for his devoted foster parent who gave him loads of intensive care, especially in his last year. He had congestive heart failure, was getting chemotherapy for lymphoma, and had urination issues from adrenal disease and had a catheter in his bladder.

Barnaby held the notable position of ferret longest in CFN care for most of 2008, and he is missed by many.

Name: Lucy Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: silver

Arrived: August, 2008
Placed: September 23, 2008
Lucy was a stray turned in to Multnomah County Animal Services who was quickly adopted.

Name: Kit Sex: F Age: 7 years Color: dark-eyed white

Arrived: October 7, 2007
Died: August, 2008
Kit is an old dark-eyed white girl who has been through multiple homes, with her most recent living arrangement with someone who had become homeless. She is sweet and doing pretty good for a senior.

Kit was with us less than a year, but she was lucky to live in one of our most devoted foster homes where she got the best of care until her health issues became too much for her to bear.

Name: Hoss Sex: M Age: 6 years Color: sable

Arrived: August 27, 2008
Died: September, 2008
Hoss was owned by the same family that had to turn Merlin over to CFN because they could not afford vet care. It was very wonderful to see Hoss and Merlin reunited. The, owner thought Hoss had a prolapsed rectum, but it turned out to be much more serious: there was a growth in that area pushing out his rectum, we attempted surgery to remove the growth, but Hoss did not survive.

Hoss arrived with a serious health issue, his owner had turned over a ferret to CFN previously (Merlin) when he developed health issues that required vet care they could not provide, so it was no surprise that they could not help Hoss when he needed vet care either. It was gratifying to see Hoss and Merlin together again after more than a year, but sadly, despite surgery to remove the growth causing him to have a prolapsed rectum and emergency vet care by our devoted Dr. Ramsell along with Dr. Burgess, he could not be saved.

Name: Lancelot Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 5.5 years Color: albino
Name: Lily Sex: F Age: 4.5 years Color: silver

Arrived: June 15, 2006
Died: January 24, 2008 & August 17, 2008
Lancelot and Lily were both rescued from abusive situations and have been living together now for about 4 years.

Lily was rescued by a kind bystander who found her in a dumpster -- her jaw had been broken from a fall from a second-story window. Lily's jaw has since healed and the only noticeable vestige of her ordeal is that her jaw is slightly askew. Lily has had no problems eating, as she carefully crunches down her food into tiny pieces. Lily is bright, energetic, fun, gentle and LOVES to play! She wrestles with Phoebe and Lance, her ferret roommates. She loves any toy and especially loves to climb. She particularly enjoys interacting with humans, and is always the first ferret out of the cage to play.

Lancelot was rescued after having been kicked in the head and discarded by a previous owner, and he has been blind in his left eye ever since, but Lance's partial blindness has not slowed him down a bit! He is a sweet, gentle little guy, and he frequently begins a wrestling match with his ferret friends, only to find that the girls are too aggressive for him; but he keeps going back for more. He loves to be held, and enjoys giving kisses. Scratch under his chin, and he melts! Lance is slow and methodical while playing and exploring, and never tries to escape: he's just happy being in the company of his humans. Lance recently began losing his hair due to adrenal disease; however, he has been responding well to Lupron therapy, and has gained back some weight and has begun to regrow hair. He's very affectionate, and does well with a harness and leash.

Both Lance and Lily have been around cats, and small children. Lily and Lance lived happily with their new owner for two years, before being left with a temporary caretaker when the owner moved to California, where owning domestic ferrets is illegal. It has been two years now since the move and the temporary caretakers can no longer keep them. Lance and Lily are both from Marshall Farms.

Lance died on January 24, 2008, and is missed by Lily and his foster parents.

Lily was a special little ferret much loved by her foster parent and it was quite a blow to lose her when she passed away on August 17, 2008. She made an appearance at Ferret Awareness Day in July, but had a dramatic downhill turn in August from which she did not recover. Lily will be sorely missed.

Name: Just Jack Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: silver mitt
Name: Will Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: blaze

Available: April 12, 2008
Placed: April 27, 2008
Just Jack and Will are a pair of 15 month old ferrets that need to find a new home for one of the traditional reasons: "moving". They are staying with their current owners while CFN tries to find them a new home. They are moving in 2 weeks, so they don't have much time. Just Jack and Will are named after characters from the TV show Will & Grace. They were purchased from Petco and have their birth documents to show they were born in January of 2007. Just Jack is as goofy as the character he is named after, and he has white mitts and a very pale mask. Will has a blaze on the top of his head (this trait is often associated with deafness, but the owners have not noted any signs of that). They have had no vet care and would come with the cage they are currently living in, a single level Super Pet style cage, which sounds too small to house two ferrets. CFN is screening people before referring them to the owners.

Name: Banzai Incoming Sponsored Sex: M Age: 8 months Color: silver

Arrived: January 24, 2008
Placed: April 16, 2008
Banzai and Seasons were turned in to Haven Humane in Redding, CA because their owner was charged with cruelty. They were very thin and not in good shape since they had been without water or food for about a week or so. Banzai has recovered completely and is the most enthusiastic jumper we have had for a while (which is saying something). He leaps at your legs and latches on to your pants at knee height. Sometimes he just jumps straight up like he is on a pogo stick. Seasons is still very skittish and scuttles away to hide with the littlest noise or sudden movement. She will play enthusiastically with the other ferrets when she feels secure though. Banzai is from Marshall Farms.

Name: Zoe Special Needs Sponsored Sex: F Age: 6 years Color: sable

Arrived: October 3, 2006
Died: April 11, 2008
Zoe was acquired from Petco several days after her owner returned the ferret she adopted through CFN (Sunny) because he needed adrenal surgery and she couldn't afford it. Now Zoe is in need of adrenal surgery and rather than letting the owner euthanize her, she is now in a CFN foster home and getting monthly lupron injections. This wonderful little girl has been around children, cats, dogs, and other ferrets. Zoe is from Marshall Farms.

Zoe died in the wee hours of April 11th, tucked under the covers with her foster parent so she could be with her when she passed. Her foster parent said of Zoe, "She was such a sweetheart! I'm so glad I got to have her for awhile."

Name: Chance Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: silver

Arrived: January 24, 2008
Adopted: March 30, 2008
Chance was turned over to Haven Humane in Redding, CA. He was in bad shape. Apparently he had been passed from one owner to another with no instructions on how to care for him. He was emaciated from being fed a diet of oatmeal, oats and cheerios. His nails were so long they curled under and one was about to grow right into the pad. He was very weak and you could feel every bone in his body, but his savior, an employee of Haven Humane, reported that he still tried so hard to have the ferret spirit. She named him Chance because he was getting a second chance at a good life. His love of life helped him to rebound quickly and he is now a very healthy looking guy that loves giving kisses and playing with other ferrets

Chance was adopted to be a companion for an older ferret in a home of very devoted ferret lovers

Name: Longfellow Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 2.5 years Color: sable

Arrived: October 15, 2007
Died: February 21, 2008
Longfellow was found abandoned by his owner by an apartment manger who took him to a vet. Longfellow was in bad shape: he was emaciated, dehydrated, and too weak to walk. The vet gave him fluids and performed a blood test to find out if he had a reason from being emaciated other than not being fed. The vet then called CFN to pick up Longfellow, and we started hand feeding him, but soon realized he had more problems than lack of food. He was unable to swallow properly because of a large growth under his tongue, and so we scheduled him for surgery as soon as possible, and he is now able to swallow easily again. Longfellow is very gentle and likes other ferrets. Longfellow is from Marshall Farms.

Longfellow's tumor turned out to be a very aggressive malignant cancer that could not be completely removed. He recovered from the surgery to remove it and had a few good weeks of being health and playing with other ferrets before the tumor grew back enough that we had to help him cross the rainbow bridge on 2/21/08

Name: Louie Sex: M Age: 5.5 years Color: silver
Arrived: November 14, 2004
Placed: December 22, 2004
Returned: October 15, 2007 (age is relative to this date)
Placed: February 17, 2008

Louie's second owner was a teenager whose father would not allow her to bring Louie with her when they moved. Louie has a beautiful rich golden undercoat. He gets along with other ferrets and plays gently with humans. Louie is from Marshall Farms.

Louie was thought to be 2.5 years old when he arrived at CFN about 3 years ago, and he was adopted soon after his arrival to be a companion for a beloved pet. The beloved pet eventually died and Louie is now looking for his forth home.

Louie was adopted by his foster parent.

Name: Elliot (aka Cuddles) Sex: M Age: 2.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: August 29, 2005
Placed: November 13, 2005
Returned: April, 2007
Placed: February 17, 2008
Elliot was found by a wonderful women who kept him for 5 days trying to find his owner. After no one responded to her posters and advertisement in the paper, she turned "Cuddles" over to CFN to find him a new home. "Cuddles"' savior even decided to sponsor her charge to help pay for his ADV testing and vaccinations to get him prepared for adoption. Elliot is a beautiful sable, with butter-colored guard hairs around his neck. He arrived with several fleas which were soon rid of after a nice bath. His right front canine is broken almost to the root and should be removed. Elliot is eating and drinking up a storm and he loves going through all the tubes at his foster home and being tickled while he is out. Elliot is from Marshall Farms.

Elliot was returned because his owner developed allergies.

Elliot was adopted by his foster parent

Name: Kookaburra Incoming Sponsored Sex: F Age: 1 year Color: silver
Name: Dingo Incoming Sponsored Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: chocolate mitt

Arrived: October 15, 2007
Placed: January 15, 2008
This pair of energetic kids came from the Corvallis area, where their owner had become homeless, but had continued to care her animals some how. She decied to find them a better home after she found she was pregnant. Kookaburra runs after and follows human feet very closely, making it hard not to trip over her, and she loves to be chased and wrestled with. Dingo is a big chubby dopey boy who never gets tired of playing with humans or other ferrets. Both arrived with fleas and ear mites, but have gotten rid of both, and are now enjoying their temporary home. Dingo is from Marshall Farms, Kookaburra has three blue dots in her right ear that do not look like Marshall Farms tattoos.

Name: Blackberry Special Needs Sponsor Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: sable

Arrived: July 15, 2007
Placed: January 12, 2008
Blackberry arrived in July because his elderly owner could not afford to pay for their vet care. Blackberry is a kissy sable sprite, she was rescued from a neglectful neighbor as an adult. Blackberry has been around cats and dogs, and has a small growth on her chest that needs to be removed. She is from Marshall Farms.

Name: Xander Incoming Sponsored Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: sable
Arrived: April 4, 2007
Placed: January 12, 2008
Xander was turned in to a humane society in Redding, CA because his owner was not making it a priority to make the time to give him attention. Because ferrets are illegal in CA, Xander had to be transferred out of state to try to find a new home. Xander has very long legs, a pointy face and is very fast on his feet. He seems well-socialized and is friendly with new ferrets. Xander is from Marshall Farms.

Name: Chaya Incoming Sponsored Sex: F Age: 3 years Color: chocolate sable
Name: Anya Incoming Sponsored Sex: F Age: 3.5 yeara Color: chocolate sable
Arrived: March 13, 2006
Placed: July 16, 2006
Returned: November 3, 2007 (ages are relative to this date)
Placed: January 5, 2008

The former owner of this pair of sprites acquired them in Minnesota while he was attending college. The owner moved to Medford and into the home of a relative who would not allow him to let the girls out of their cage to play. He was tormented by this and decided Chaya and Anya had to find a home where they could get to play outside a cage everyday.

These girls were adopted from CFN about a year ago when they were 2 to 2.5 years old. They have been returned because their owners had a baby and they don't have time to care for them <heavy sigh>.

Name: Hamlet Incoming Sponsored Sex: M Age: 2.5 years Color: sable mitt

Arrived: October 29, 2007
Placed: January 5, 2008
Hamlet is a stray who was never claimed. A Good Samaratin picked him up and dropped him off at the Southeast Portland Animal Hospital. Hamlet arrived a bit skinny with thin fur and is being treated for ear mites. He's a delightful, happy small male who seems to love everybody he meets, including the other ferrets. He's learning how to play with toys -- at first he only wanted to play with humans. Hamlet has learned his name and comes when called, unless he's exploring something very interesting (eventually he comes to the call: it's only been a few days that he's had the name Hamlet). He's already learning how to roll over and sit up, and so he is easy to work with. Hamlet snuggles for a minute and then like a typical two-year-old, wants to go explore some more. His face has expressive markings, especially his eyes, so be prepared to melt when you meet him! Hamlet does not have any tattoos to indicate his origin.

Name: Emerson Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable

Arrived: June 11, 2007
Placed: January 5, 2008
Emerson is a wonderful gib that arrived as a stray that was not claimed. The people that found him kept him several weeks while they tried to locate his owner. During that time he was around young children, dogs, and cats. He gets along well with other ferrets too and loves people too, especially tackling their ankles as they walk by. He is from Marshall Farms.

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