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Please read our instructions for ferret adoption before calling us at (503) 231-0887 (voice mail). Note that we do not ship ferrets. If you are looking for a shelter in your area please check the STAR List of Shelters and Clubs.

If you can't adopt a ferret, there are still plenty of ways you can help them out, and one of the easiest ways is to participate in the CFN ferret sponsorship programs! Ferret sponsorships also make the perfect gift for friends and loved ones that are also ferret enthusiasts or animal lovers.

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Ferret Age Adoption Fee
3 years and under $95
over 3 years $80
The age of each ferret is given for the date of their arrival, and you must add time since then to get their current age (for example, for a ferret that has been at CFN one year, add one year to the listed age).

A $30 discount is available if you adopt an established group of ferrets (ferrets that must be adopted out together).

Could adopting a pair of ferrets make sense for you?

List updated on June 30, 2010.

Name: Scuttlebutt Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Name: Tattletail Special Needs Sponsored Sex: F Age: 1.5 years Color: sable
Arrived: 2001
This adorable pair of sables was flown north to be free of persecution. They were confiscated in California from a man living in his car. They are both very chubby and Scuttlebutt waddles a bit when he walks making his tail wave around in a very endearing way. Scuttlebutt and Tattletail like other ferrets and love people. They are both from Marshall Farms. Scuttlebutt died at the end of November, 2002.

Latest update for Tattletail.

Name: Amber Sex: F Age: 5 months Color: cinnamon
Name: Sheba Sex: F Age: < 1 year Color: cinnamon
Arrived: May 29, 2004 (Amber)
Arrived: June 7, 2004 (Sheba)
Originally placed: July 2, 2004
Returned: January 24, 2006
Sheba and Amber arrived at CFN about a week apart and were adopted into a new home together soon after, but now their owner is moving to Washington D.C. where she cannot take ferrets, and so the girls are looking to find a new home again. They are about 2 to 2.5 years old now. The following was written about the girls when they first arrived:

Sheba was found as a stray, and is a little ball of energy. She is constantly alert to what is happening around her and MUST be a part of it. She is very young and very pudgy, and is a bit free with putting her mouth on skin, and has made the volunteers yelp and jump by going after their feet. She may be a handful for a first time owner. Sheba gets along great with other ferrets. She doesn't have any tattoos.

Amber is an adorable, affectionate and very active and playful girl who gets along with other ferrets. Amber is from Marshall Farms.

Name: Oscar Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: panda
Name: Calvin Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: chocolate
Arrived: February 17, 2006
Not much is known about these sweet little boys, but the previous owner was moving and asked his roommate to find them a new home. Oscar and Calvin have a history of getting along well with children, cats, dogs, and other ferrets (what sweet boys!). We hope that these two incredibly wonderful fuzzies will find their forever home soon! Oscar is from Marshall Farms, but like Brad and Janet, Calvin doesn't have any tattoos.

Calvin passed away in 2009.

Name: Domino Incoming Sponsored Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: champagne
Name: Balboa Incoming Sponsored Special Needs Sponsored Sex: M Age: 1.5 years Color: albino

Arrived: October 15, 2006
Domino is a sturdy gib with beautiful champagne markings. He seem to be the leader of the bunch. Balboa is Domino's albino side kick. They arrived at CFN through Humane Haven in Redding CA where they, along with a pair of cage-mates (Sneed and La-La), were confiscated from a homeless man living in his car. They were transferred to CFN to find new homes outside of CA. Both are from Marshall Farms.

Name: Bowen Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Name: Loki Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: cinnamon
Arrived: April 7, 2007
Bowen and Loki were much loved ferrets who had to be turned over to CFN because one of their owners developed a severe allergy to them. They were in the same home since they were kits and came to Oregon all the way from Ohio. They get along well with other ferrets. Bowen tends to have some problems adjusting to new circumstances, which he displays by inappropriate nipping behavior.
Name: Liberty Special Needs Sponsored Sex: F Age: 7 years Color: silver mitt
Name: Betty Boop Special Needs Sponsored Sex: F Age: 5 years Color: sable
Name: Lola Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: silver mitt

Arrived: August 27, 2007
All of these ferrets were owned by a long time CFN supporter for their entire lives, but had to be surrendered because of the serious asthma issue of the owner's infant. Liberty, Betty Boop and Lola were all purchased from Animal Crossing II in Wilsonville. These girls have been around cats. We want to keep Liberty and Betty Boop together, but Lola could go to a new home as long as she had another ferret companion. Betty Boop is showing the first signs of adrenal disease. Lola and Betty Boop are both from Marshall Farms and Liberty does not have any tattoos. The following is from their foster caretaker: "All three girls get along well with the cats - no problem there. And of course, they all love people. Lola is the most rambunctious and playful. She is full of vinegar and that has endeared her to Jake since he LOVES playing with them when they get wild. Libby and Betty Boop both give lots of kisses (my favorite thing). Once in awhile, Libby gets nippy but has never been mean. She is also the most vocal and "dooks" quite a bit. Betty Boop is the most docile. She goes about her business in a quietly determined way and has learned to open the sliding closets. When she gets tired, she puts herself to bed in the cage. I've yet to see Lola get tired so I don't know her energy limit yet!" Liberty and Betty Boop should have "needs special needs sponsor" symbols

Liberty passed away in the first half of 2010.

Name: Nevada Sex: M Age: 4 years Color: sable
Name: Reno Sex: M Age: 3 years Color: silver
Name: Sedona Sex: F Age: 4 years Color: dark-eyed white

Arrived: December 16, 2007
This trio was surrendered because of an illness in the family that required a move to Arizona to care for the relative.The owner reported they have been around dogs and cats. The males were acquired as kits from a pet store and the female was found as a stray in Warrenton. Their foster parent reports that they love playing with humans. In fact they get upset if they are not able to have people play time. They are full of kisses and love playing with balls and tubes, despite what their former owner told us. Nevada has no tattoo to establish his origin and Reno and Sedona are from Marshall Farms

Name: Cullen Sex: M Age: 2 years Color: sable

Arrived: October 13, 2008
Cullen arrived as a very scrawny stray found in Canby, but he has turned into a gorgeous, sleek, ferret that loves playing with people and other ferrets. He was named after the vampire from the movie Twilight. Cullen is from Marshall Farms

Name: Sylvester Sex: M Age: 5 months Color: dark-eyed white

Arrived: November 20, 2008
First-time ferret owners from Salem called CFN for help because they said their ferret was biting, growling, and barking and they couldn't handle him any longer. It sounded serious, and so we took Sylvester in to "rehab" him, but we have yet to get him to do anything inappropriate, so the previous owners either didn't know what they were talking about, or they were mistreating him. We did find out that Sylvester was infested with ear mites. Sylvester is a lover and enjoys people and other ferrets, he is all white with a black spot on his back and black and white rings on his tail. He was purchased from Petco and appears to be deaf. He is from Marshall Farms.

Name: Toby Sex: M Age: 1 year Color: sable

Arrived: November 24, 2008
Toby's owner called CFN in tears to ask for help. She had taken her ferret to Dove Lewis Emergency Clinic after he had vomited and become lethargic. They took x-rays and discovered he had an intestinal blockage from ingesting something he could not pass. He would probably die a painful death without emergency surgery to remove the blockage, but she did not have the finances to pay for his surgery. Luckily, the shelter vet, Dr. Ramsell, was willing to help immediately and she was able to single-handedly (she had no techs to help her) removed the blockage from Toby and saved his life. Toby is a super sweetheart and loves other ferrets and people (think chubby, fluffy Teddy bear). Toby is from Marshall Farms.

Name: Bullwinkle Sex: F Age: 2 years Color: sable

Arrived: October 13, 2008
Bullwinkle was owned by the same family as Merlin and Hoss. The family was unable to provide the vet care Merlin and Hoss needed. She was turned over to CFN with Hoss so that all three ferrets could be reunited.

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