April 29, 2003
December 30, 2004
December 17, 2007

A close friend of Fran Harris sponsored Tattletail in memory of Ro, the beloved ferret of Fran. Tattletail's sponsorship was renewed by Carla Almaraz for Fran in late 2004.

Tattletail arrived with her cagemate Scuttlebutt in 2001 The ferrets had been confiscated in California from a man living in his car and then flown north to be free of persecution. It was quite puzzling why these two never got adopted since they were energetic, cute, adored people, and did we mention cute? In July of 2002, Scuttlebutt developed an unusual cough. A blood test revealed a high globulin level - a potential red flag for Aleutians Disease. Even though the pair had an Avecon POCT test when they arrived, they were retested with blood drawn at the vet's office using the United Vaccine CEP test. Both were ADV positive. Immediately both ferrets were sent to an ADV+ foster home. (In addition, all the ferrets currently at the shelter central facility (more than 60) had blood drawn for ADV testing. Much to our relief, all ferrets tested negative then and again several months later.) Scuttlebutt's and Tattletail's foster mom quickly bonded with this pair of cuties. Unfortunately, Scuttlebutt's cough got worse and, after many medical tests including x-rays and a tracheal wash, he was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia which is difficult to treat. While the treatments and antibiotics made a short-term improvement, Scuttlebutt nosedived on Thanksgiving day. At 10:30pm, he was humanely euthanized. Tattletail is now in the process of being introduced to other ferrets at the foster home. As an ADV positive ferret, she will remain in the ADV+ foster home for the remainder of her life. She is likely to be more susceptible to illness which generally will take longer to heal, just as what has happened with Scuttlebutt and other ADV+ ferrets.

February 2005: Tattletail is doing well in her foster home and shows no symptoms to date of Aleutians Disease. She has been integrated with the foster parent's personal pets and is enjoying life.