Jeanne Carley's Ferret Calendar 2007 is now available through CFN. The theme of the 2007 calendar is "Ferret Fun!" There is a stoked surfer dude ferret on the cover, three sable kits having a screamingly fun time on a carnival ride, a series of shots of an albino baby "hatching" from an Easter egg, a parachuting princess, and a couple of ferret fans cheering on their favorite team, the Badgers. This calendar includes an extra goodie, a 12" x 24" centerfold poster of three adorable sable kits popping the top off their eggs.

You can purchase the Ferret Company's 2007 Ferret Calendar for $14.95 (for multiple calendars per order the first two are $14.95 and each additional calendar is $12.95) plus shipping through the CFN in one of two ways: PayPal or mail a check to the CFN.

For PayPal and mail orders you must determine the shiping cost: please contact the CFN and provide your zip code and number of calendars you want to order and we will give you the shipping cost:

Payment Options

Online through your PayPal account (remember to get the shipping cost first)

Send a check through regular mail (remember to get the shipping cost first)

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