Do you have room in your home and heart for a ferret in need?

If you have the resources to give an additional ferret quality care and attention, consider becoming a part of the foster care network of the Cascade Ferret Network! If you want to help a homeless ferret by providing foster care, contact Network Coordinator Elayne Barclay at (503) 231-0887 or at

How foster care works:

  • the CFN covers the cost of all veterinary care and medical treatment needed and can provide a furnished cage
  • the foster home typically provides the food and litter needed by the ferret while in foster care
  • the foster home returns the ferret to the CFN adoption facility when space is available (typically after 3-4 weeks of foster care)
  • the foster home keeps the CFN Coordinator updated regarding the health and behavior of the foster ferret and communicates with the coordinator to arrange visits for veterinary care

The CFN needs foster homes that are able to provide care for the following kinds of ferrets:

  • those that like people, but don't get along with other ferrets
  • those that need extra patience and attention while they learn to trust people or learn not to play too roughly
  • those that are old or need special feeding or medical treatment
  • those that may have been exposed to the ECE virus
  • those that need to be protected from exposure to the ECE virus

Cascade Ferret Network
Ferret Foster Agreement

The fostering party agrees to provide a foster home with proper care (detailed below) for all ferrets in their care, including those fostered from the fostering agents.

The fostering party agrees to provide honest and detailed descriptions of the fostered ferrets to the fostering agents in follow up calls. The fostering party agrees to let the fostering agents visit the foster ferrets in their home (with an appointment). The fostering party agrees to notify the fostering agents if they move or change phone numbers. The fostering party agrees that the foster ferret belongs to the Cascade Ferret Network, and must be relinquished back to the fostering agents upon request, and that the foster ferrets must only be released back to the fostering agents. The fostering party agrees to return all equipment provided by the Cascade Ferret Network for foster ferrets to the fostering agents upon request. The fostering party agrees to never leave the ferrets unattended for more than 36 hours in a row.

The fostering party agrees that they shall not participate in the breeding of ferrets in any way while fostering a Cascade Ferret Network ferret.

The fostering party agrees to provide the following minimum care to all ferrets in the care of the fostering party.

  • An indoor cage or living area of appropriate size and design for the number of ferrets housed within. The cage or living area must be protected from weather and extreme temperature extremes.
  • Proper food, approved by the adopting agents or a veterinarian approved or provided by the fostering agents. The food must be fresh and available at all times.
  • Fresh and clean water available at all times.
  • Clean and dry adequate bedding. The bedding must be washed at least once a week.
  • A litter pan large enough for the number of ferrets housed, filled with a litter approved by the fostering agents and scooped on a regular, frequent basis. The litter pan must be dumped, cleaned, and refilled with new litter on a regular basis as well.
  • Proper veterinary care from a veterinarian approved by the fostering agents. Each ferret must receive a canine distemper shot and rabies shot (at the discretion of the veterinarian) once a year. Each ferret must receive a health checkup once a year. All questionable health conditions (lethargy, loss of fur, loss of appetite, abnormal feces or urine, and other symptoms) exhibited by a ferret must receive veterinary care and fostering agents notified. The Cascade Ferret Network will pay for foster ferret veterinary care when approved in advance.
  • One hour of playtime a day with human care and interaction.
PO Box 14884
Portland, OR 97293
(503) 231-0887

You will be required to provide your home address, home phone number, and work phone number in addition to your signature on the above form. The form will also list the ferrets given into your care for fostering by the Cascade Ferret Network and the equipment provided for the foster ferrets.

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