How To Adopt from the Cascade Ferret Network

Are you ready to adopt a pet ferret? You should read one (or more) of the latest books on ferret care, such as The Ferret: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet by Mary R Shefferman or Ferrets for Dummies by Kim Schilling, or read through the ferret care sections on-line at sites such as Ferret Central before actually obtaining a pet ferret. Most ferret shelters are full of discarded pets from impulse purchases that did not work out.

Check out the CFN ferrets for adoption on our adoption page. When you call, we'll discuss what sort of ferret you're looking for and match up several "best fit" ferrets for you to visit, but it's nice to start with your own personal list of potential ferrets.

Call the CFN at (503) 231-0887 or send us e-mail. When calling the CFN please leave numbers where you can be reached during the day evening, and please limit calls to between 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM Pacific time.

We will perform a basic interview with you over the phone to make sure you understand how to properly care for ferrets. We may refer you to other on-line resources, to books, or send you an information packet if you need more information. Once we feel you are ready for a ferret we will determine if there is a ferret (or ferrets) in the network that would be a good match for you and make an appointment for you to come meet the ferrets. If you are looking for a companion for your current ferret (or ferrets), you should bring them to the interview to see if they get along with the new kid. You should also check out our adoption form, which you'll be required to sign as part of the adoption process.

Note that we do not ship ferrets and only adopt to people who can participate in an in-person interview (in Portland, Oregon). If you are looking for a shelter in your area please check the STAR List of Shelters and Clubs.