CFN Ferret Sponsorship Program

There are two sponsorship programs for CFN ferrets. The first covers the one time expenses associated with incoming ferrets, and the second helps pay the costs for CFN ferrets in need of long term health care.

Each incoming ferret at CFN receives a health examination from a vet, required vaccinations, and an ADV test. You can help pay these costs by sponsoring a ferret coming into the network for a one time fee of $30. Each ferret will have only one sponsor of this type, and in return you will receive a sponsor packet informing you about the ferret you've sponsored, and the ferret's entry on our adoption page will state that you are the ferret's incoming sponsor. You can either select a ferret to sponsor from our adoption page, or let CFN chose one for you. Any ferret on the CFN's adoption page that does not have an Incoming Sponsored icon by its name is eligible for this sponsorship.

While all CFN ferrets are available for adoption, a growing number have age, health, or behavioral issues that make them difficult (or nearly impossible) to place, thus creating a group of long term shelter residents. For just $60 a year you become a very special person in a needy ferret's life, providing financially for their on-going care at the shelter or foster home. In return you will receive a card with the history of your sponsor ferret, a photo, quarterly updates on your sponsored ferret, and a great feeling knowing you are actively making a difference in the life of that ferret. The ferret's adoption page entry will include a link to a sponsorship page listing the ferret's special needs and the names of the ferret's sponsors. Because the cost of caring for many of these special needs ferrets are so high, there may be multiple sponsors per ferret. The CFN's adoption page has an Special Needs Sponsor (this ferret currently has no special needs sponsor) or Special Needs Sponsored (this ferret has at least one special needs sponsor -- click on the icon to find out who) icon by each ferret available for this sponsorship.

Ferret sponsorships make great gifts for friends and family!

To sponsor a ferret please contact the Cascade Ferret Network at (503) 231-0887, or mail a note specifying which ferret you'd like to sponsor (and an alternate ferret in case someone else sponsors your first choice before your letter arrives) and a $60 check to the

Cascade Ferret Network
PO Box 14884
Portland, OR 97293-0884

You can also sponsor a ferret on-line right now!

Like all contributions to the CFN, your sponsorship is tax deductible.