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The Cascade Ferret Network:
Who We Are...

The Cascade Ferret Network (CFN), a 501(C)(3) tax exempt corporation, is different from traditional ferret shelters: instead of housing the ferrets in a single place, the CFN depends upon a network of qualified foster homes, each of which cares for only a few ferrets at a time. This network approach to sheltering ensures our foster ferrets the same care we give our pet ferrets: play time outside the cage each day, lots of human interaction every day, food, water, and well being checked daily and a complete cage cleaning each week.

The primary vet care for CFN is provided by Dr Katrina Ramsell, Northwest Exotic Pet Vet (503-646-6101), receiving patients at Beaverton Pet Clinic.

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The Cascade Ferret Network is dedicated to upholding high standards of animal care, and professional shelter policies and practices for the domestic ferret. These policies include the following:

  • working with and caring for each ferret until it is ready to be adopted into the proper home
  • neutering all ferrets before placement
  • never breeding shelter animals
  • forbidding any member of the foster network to breed ferrets
  • giving ferrets in the network a full series of vaccinations
  • ridding ferrets of fleas and ear mites
  • having all animals examined by an experienced veterinarian
  • attending to all medical needs prior to adoption
  • keeping detailed records on the weight, condition, behavior, etc. of each ferret and taking a photograph to document their appearance
  • placing a classified ad for all strays in an attempt to reunite them with their owners
  • maintaining a network of qualified foster homes for all CFN ferrets

The abandoned, outcast, displaced, and forsaken.
Across the country, thousands of ferrets end up homeless every year. Some of the reasons ferrets end up in shelters include:

  • becoming lost after escaping from the safety of their home
  • being abandoned by their owner
  • being relinquished by their owner because of changes in lifestyle or place of residence
  • inability of owner to cope with the cost of needed veterinary care
  • owner unprepared for the unique nature of ferrets
Unfortunately many ferrets are acquired without proper research and preparation by their owner and soon end up looking for a more dedicated and educated home.

Luckily, there are organizations throughout the country ready to step in and give these unfortunate ferrets a second chance at a happy home.

Second hand ferrets?
Shelters are a great place to find a ferret companion:

  • shelter ferrets are usually beyond the demanding juvenile age and have well defined personalities
  • the fee for adopting ferrets is usually much less than the cost of buying one from a breeder or pet store.
  • shelters allow you to bring your current ferret(s) to see how they get along with the adoptable ferrets.
  • shelters allow you to return ferrets that do not work out in your household
  • shelters are run by experienced people with lots of ferret knowledge they are willing to share with you
  • shelter ferrets adapt well to being adopted into loving homes and bond with their new owners